Self made table with landscape inside



Man made a table with a landscape under glass. Some photos and how was made:



Houses made from cardboard. Roof and doors – plastic.


153375468611489640 153375521518305560


The sand in lake is real.1533754729119312840


When press on/off switch street light turn on.  Batteries under table. 1533754745122910792


Stones and moss is natural from nearest park, but was made anti mold treatment.1533754784154639779


On top – glass 0.8 cm thick. 1533754808119270106 1533754818148312710 1533754839115579179 1533754998125972884 1533755009131796264 1533755105126729429 1533755130150719049 1533755236146828695 1533755242181383963 1533755249170470828


Next plan – make similar but Egypt and Wild West themed.

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5 thoughts on “Self made table with landscape inside”

  1. very cool. I did one a few years ago in Z scale (U.S type model railroad). You have to make the table quite heavy if you go smaller scale trains, because a bump with a knee can derail everything. If I did it again, I would go N scale (bigger) as it stays on the track a little better. I have seen a similar table done as an Aquaponics complete unit, where you can see the fish and part of the table is a garden of plants. Only problem is keeping the tank clean so you can see the fish, takes work every few weeks.


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