6 thoughts on “Metal truck part hits windshield of womans car – video”

  1. omg!

    that really was incredibly close, I think she flinched as it came towards her, otherwise it would have got the drivers side,

    it was a chunk of snapped suspension leaf spring,

    I think I’d have probably vomited a few minutes after that, I’ve had some close shaves but that was really close to a fatal accident,

    I wouldn’t blame her if she never drives on a motorway again,

    I hate them!

  2. @me I suspected so but did not recognise the exact spot. Definitely not “Japanese car”. Surprised to see Aussie-only Falcons and holdens on here though some of the holdens have been sold overseas as Chevvy Lumina and such, not the Falcon’s to my knowledge. Definitely not Russia

  3. The exact spot is inbound on the M1 (Monash) freeway, just past the Belgrave-Hallam Road overpass.
    That part of the Monash has been recently re-modelled, with an extra lane added in each direction, so unless you’ve seen it recently, it’s easy to miss where the accident took place.


  4. This video got me. Same thing happened to me in a Mexican interstate highway. But the truck’s ‘missile’ was a solid fiber glass sheet of 1mtr x 1mtr. No time for ducking or anything.

    It’s good to still be alive.


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