Man Gave His Friend a Grenade, Pulled the Pin and Ran Away [video]


In Dnepr, Ukrain, police see man wander nervously with a grenade in hand. Turned out pin was out, he had to hold grenade with hand. He say his friend, returned from war want to make joke. Video and photo:

Here video:


Police first taped his hand together so he dont drop it.


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This police man hold 40 minĀ grenade



Turn out in end no explosive in grenade. Joke.

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4 thoughts on “Man Gave His Friend a Grenade, Pulled the Pin and Ran Away [video]”

  1. Any modern grenade, of which the F1 (this type of fragmentation grenade) is one, has a “spoon”, IE metal lever that allows the “operator” to pull the safety pin, but hold the weapon until ready to deploy (throw). You can see the spoon in a couple of the photos, and in the video. So long as that spoon is kept depressed, the striker will not hit the primer, igniting the fuse.

    All that needed to be done, was, carefully remove the weapon from the hands of the “victim”, ensuring that the spoon remains depressed. A second officer can push a paper clip, or any other hard metal pin through the holes in the spoon, and fuse body, to return the weapon to safe mode.

    Then it can be moved to a safe location, and either turned over to the military, or simply destroyed.

    Not really a big deal. It is ignorance that makes this whole situation amusing. If anyone there, Police included, knew the facts about such a device, it could have been easily defused.

    As to arresting both individuals, I suspect it is more about completing the investigation, than assuming that they are both guilty.

  2. I counted at least 15 responders to this fracas. I hope there was at least one of the cops with military experience who knew how to handle the situation as Horse reports above.

    The Scotch taping of the victim’s and cop’s hands is straight out of a Keystone Cops comedy. “Yeah, lets tape their hands together.”


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