Tokarev TT Pistol Replica Made of Wood, Can Shoot [photos + video]


Man has hobby make wood pistols that have moving parts and shoot. Here is his creation TT (Tokarev) Soviet pistol wooden model. It shoots, spits cartridges out, there is video in end:




The gun can be disassembled like this.1533581501168755940


He started creation with a 3D model. 1533581507147565608

It took 1 month from model to real object.




It has around 100 parts.



You can insert real TT 9mm cartridges inside and when it spit them they make authentic sound hitting floor.



He say it was more than 1,000 times to assemble/disassemble gun to make it fit perfectly all parts.


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Covered with lack.



He does it for hobby, not resale.




Here is the video:

His youtube channel here some more pistols there.

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