Russia Wood Go to China [video]



Man not happy with Russia wood going day and night trains to China. “Why is this happen? Why can’t we make wood things here? We sell wood cheap to China, how it can be?”. Video:

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3 thoughts on “Russia Wood Go to China [video]”

  1. Seems that Russia has the same problem the U.S. does. Far to many of their natural resources are being sold out of country, making a few people rich, while not employing, or benefiting the average citizen.

    Welcome to the Global Economy, where the rich, and powerful get richer, and more powerful, and the rest of us, well, don’t.

  2. Well, Russia is such an enormous country, and you may have the largest amount of wood reserves in the whole world. I don’t think a few train carts of timber will make a difference.

  3. Ron;

    I think it is more a case of Taking care of your own, first, over whether anyone will miss a few million trees in Russia.


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