The Lifebuoy: Flooded Soviet Bomb Shelter of Unusual Shape


This Soviet bomb shelter is different because of its shape. It’s round. It reminds Russian letter “Ю” in shape. Where “stick” or “I” is a corridor with emergency exits and entrances and round part “O” is a main hallway with rooms around the larger hall in the center. Enthusiasts got inside and made photo, instead of walking around they were mainly floating. Photos:


It is dated back to 1950s, not clear exact date.1533399484140271961


Water is transparent and it’s level is above the waist of a human.


For this they used the hazmat suit to walk around.1533399542166552960

Usually its not easy to walk in flooded shelter like this, however transparent water helps.


Beforehand the shelter water level was up to the ceilings, however for some reason water partially left the place.


The place has oxygen cylinders so it could function independently for some time.



153339961612456954 1533399623138167349

This is place where batteries were stored.1533399655186242863



This is main round hall in middle. On the right you can see safe box with its door rusty.



This is the entrance with three doors. The first two doors can serve as gateway for sanitary desinfection.

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