Russia Cosmonaut Show Inside Space Station [video]



Tour in Space station. Video:

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5 thoughts on “Russia Cosmonaut Show Inside Space Station [video]”

    • @Putin Pussy

      ZZZZzzzz… Please, first wake us up when your NASA learns again how to make a rocket engine. All the rocket engines that the US is using now are Russian.

      Oh, and in case you missed it, today all US Astronauts have to ask Russia for a lift to space. The poor b*stards have no other choice.

      And now, cry some more…

      …”Trump is making the SPACE FORCE. To take over space station from…”. -LOLZ

      • Yup. Yanks simply can’t go to space (much less to the ISS) if the Russians don’t want to. That won’t change in a long, long while… It will be worse for the Orange Trumpo and his fans if the Russians refuse to sell rocket engines –even if the US borrows more money.

        I love these yank kids.


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