Jeep Stuck at Railway Cross, Worker Interfers [video]



In Boyarka, Ukraina driver of Mercedes got caught between two barriers on rail cross. Could die, worker save seconds before hit of train. Here:

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8 thoughts on “Jeep Stuck at Railway Cross, Worker Interfers [video]”

  1. This is the Kyiv-Fastiv busy railway corridor, there is a train passing every few minutes and long queues of cars are forming. Sometimes you need 10-15 minutes to pass this crossing.
    My wife got a 50 eur “unofficial settlement” for trying to pass when the red lights just came on in a similar crossing a few km away from this point. Police of course know that people sometimes loose there patience and wait at the corner for their extra income.

  2. All those people just sitting or standing, doing nothing?

    And the driver of a Mercedes GL too stupid to step on the gas to break through the barrier?

    Ukrainians are stupid people.

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