20 thoughts on “Russian Duma in 1990s: Crazy Place [13 photos]”

      • Russians now can laugh about these types and those times (and about themselves). Despite some ‘exceptional’ paranoid Russophobes, Russians are also human and have a sense of humour.

  1. Thanks to these dummies, Russia has a corrupt, dumb president (Eltsine) and now a corrupt, agressive and dictatorial president (Putin). Great democracy !

    • …it was some oligarchs, most of them with jewish origins, who planned to make the new Russia a presidential government where the president has most of the power and veto force. The strategy was to lift some idiot to this post in order to influence politics directly instead of from within the public duma. Let the people vote as much as they want… instead of some idiot it was V. Putin who with the help of the secret service and part of the russian oligarchy turned the weehs against the conquerors. The IMF and the World Bank only two among them…

    • Really? According to your warped logic, the Racist Klansmen who harass everybody else (because they feel ‘superior’), or the frequent nuthead mass shooters, represent a violent “culture”, and all Americans are crazy murderous racists.

      …”In a crazy culture‚Ķ.people act crazy…”. –LOL

      • The same people protesting today because the monuments built to Slavery loving rebels are torn down 150 years after they were vanquished.

        Crazy ‘culture’…

  2. No. It’s not a “culture” thing. At the time, the West boasted that this was Russian ‘healthy Democracy’, while openly “helping” Yeltsin get re-elected, after bombing this same ‘free’ parlaiment. Russia was at the bootom. But all that is today in Russia’s past.

    Now these things happen in ‘democratic’ Ukraine. That’s quite ironic…

    • LOL. But that guy (who would be happy to return to Yeltsin’s cannons against Parlaiment and drunk disasters), has never been elected to nothing, much less a place in the Duma. And that’s a bit old…

      Here’s something more contemporary, for your enjoyment.


  3. These pics are 25 years old. Today’s Duma still has ridiculous members, but more or less like the rest of the world.

  4. This is why we must never forget our history. We can look back at it and laugh or cry, but we will never forget where we have been.

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