Shame Pyramids Indicate Where Debtor Lives [photos]


Samara city utility company use 3 ton shame pyramid to bully people not paying utility like water. Before used only private houses, not suspend near apartment windows too, photos:


IMG_1907 4100fd374f4f819525d523111fb6f777

“Here lives a debtor. You owe!”




In once case man didn’t tolerate this, hired a crane took pyramid away from his house.1531412977_7b8d460bacc9e152330c723e14200e17_i1200x795x669 1524484889 QCWcYyKVVYiBZrTgG4rj IMG_1910


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15 thoughts on “Shame Pyramids Indicate Where Debtor Lives [photos]”

  1. In the US for non-payment they shut your utility off. Russia uses ”shame” to get you to pay up. Maybe a jail sentence would get their attention?

    • …debt is not a crime… nor is taking a credit, it does not help much to arrange jail sentence or indeed violence. If there is no money there is no money… and if incomes of the people do not correlate with rising prices it is silly to expect another outcome.

    • There might be a reason why Russia slashed its poverty by half in a decade, and in the US poverty has been GROWING since.

      • Flint:….its easy to reduce poverty numbers in Russia…the government controls the value of their money.
        The control of the value of money in the US is controlled by a racket called the Federal Reserve..which is not government at all, its private.

        • Reducing poverty in any country (and remaining in black numbers, with small debt) is never an easy thing.

          The easy thing is doing exactly the opposite.

        • …”the government controls the value of their money…”. –No. The Russian Ruble is in free flotation in the international market. I suppose you’re confused with Red China.

  2. …with credits one can rule the world no matter what state one lives… the socialists where better in this because there was only one creditor, the state GUS bank… this system was far more stable than today pseudo liberalised neoliberal economies… it is not only small time private creditors but whole states incl. the people who are trapped in debt…

  3. If one cannot or will not pay the bill for utility, is there a legal way for the Russian citizens to petition the government for an interview? This ”shame pyramid” seems like a rather ham-fisted response.

    • I suppose the Russian Gov is more interested in collecting the money. In the long run, it’s possible. Prosecuting and jailing people becomes useless for that matter. Worse, the state ends up spending even more.

  4. The water to this man’s home had been cut off long ago but the utility continued to bill him. Its been reported that he has now paid the $810 USD past due bill and that the shame pyramid has been moved to another deadbeat’s front yard.. The utility claims they are owed millions of rubles from debtors.

    • See? There are more alternatives to criminalization, prosecution and jail –and the money gets collected in the end.

      • Well Horst, you see that I have a lot of information and all of it is good. and useful. Thanks for paying attention…you’re doing just wonderful….Keep watching me.

          • In case you didn’t know, there are several people who monitor my every Response and make comments on them. Welcome to this prestigious club, comrade, keep watching and commenting. I await your every word. As least you are more polite than those other dolboebi.

            • I didn’t know –or care. My points stand.

              If you are forced now to write about yourself (LoL), go ahead. What else can you do?

              Funny kid.

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