Invasion of Pacific Crabs in Murmansk Bay [video]



Thousands of Pacific crabs in bay near Murmansk. They are alien specie for this place (Pacific is over 9000km away). During USSR they try to breed them here, now an invasion happening. Video:

The crabs eat a lot of food and other biological species of Murmansk sea, which some call problem.

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8 thoughts on “Invasion of Pacific Crabs in Murmansk Bay [video]”

  1. I bet they will try to blame Russia for this too. I think the reason they migrate like this is global warming and changes in ocean currents and temperature.

    • Climate Change does exist, but we thank your earnest support. Unfortunately (for you), the profits are private…

    • Oh, they doo, in huge Quantum’s, but there is a limit on how many they can catch every season. The crab is wished by both the Russians and Norwegians, its huge money.
      There is a “border” with the North cape in Norway, where everyone can fish freely on the crab. They do not wish the crab south of North cape.

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