Ukraine Couple Make Such Photos, Share Experience [photos]


Ukrainian couple made such photos on a beach where planes landing like this. Couple of more photos and girl’s words:



Yulia (the girl on photo):”We made a few takes. Couldn’t do the hand stand from first try. Didn’t expect it will be that huge and fly so close to us.”

“It didn’t touch my legs but I felt an air flow from it passing, made me loose balance”


10_03_59_4891670 10_04_02_4193610


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3 thoughts on “Ukraine Couple Make Such Photos, Share Experience [photos]”

  1. Fun loving couple… Cool pics. I guess that’s Saint Maarten, in the Caribbean.

    The guy looks happy, and she looks great. Ehem…

  2. Really? Website makes me click through countless pages for this drivel? Worry less about clicks. You’ll retain more consumers.

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