6 thoughts on “Girl Text Behind the Wheel, Motorcycle Driver Almost Down [video]”

  1. Always try to drive where they were, not where they are going. By the time you get where they were, they aren’t there.

  2. Hey I just cut someone off because I was texting.
    Said person is mad at me because I was texting.
    Better keep texting then…
    Ah now he’s driving beside me, guess I’ll blame him while texting.

  3. Bikers everywhere think they are entitled to speed well beyond the limits. It’s funny to see them ‘angry’ when someone else is doing an equally dumb thing, like texting at the wheel.

  4. That was visible from afar. Biker should have seen this and reacted a lot sooner. Unfortunately, you can’t remove all stupidity from the roads, but guess who is going to get hurt in the end of the day

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