Guard Leaves Behind His Kalashnikov in SUBWAY, Workers Take Photos





One of the “Rosgvardia” men left his AK behind in a SUBWAY restaurant in St.Petersburg.

Workers found it, took photos, and posted the photos online.



A newspaper site reported the incident, then deleted the article, probably to restore the reputation of guards.


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10 thoughts on “Guard Leaves Behind His Kalashnikov in SUBWAY, Workers Take Photos”

  1. IT’s Russia, he was probably drunk. All kinds of fed agents and undercover cops forget their CC handguns in restroom stalls because of this.

    • That’s more frightening than the people they’re meant to be guarding against. Still not as dangerous as America though – you need to improve your game.

    • If you forget your rifle in Russian Army they make you carry all day a huge wooden replica of an 8 foot tall rife. Typical Russian humiliation.

      • Forgetting your deadly weapon –that might kill dozens of people in the wrong hands– in a restaurant is a serious thing.

        Oh, I forgot. Loose deadly weapons and shooting folks in public places are not ‘serious things’ in the US.

  2. The Concealed carry being found in the restroom is an accidental took it off, so it wouldn’t fall in the toilette or be seen and grab-able from under the stall doors. When pulling back pants back up the holster still presses in the side and with small light weight pistols it happens. Same thing with cellphone.

    This Guard probably unslung the AK-74(? can’t see the bullet size to give exact model) for comfort while eating. With all the other gear hanging on him walked out , when you carry a gun constantly you do not think about every second.

    In this day & age of publish everything, the number of accidental weapons left behind gets blown way out of proportion and sensationalized. This has occurred since mankind first started carrying weapons.. Quick Julius find me a scribe a legionnaire left their sword……

    • …”weapons left behind gets blown way out of proportion and…”. –Uh, no. It only gets reported like that when people get shot and killed.

  3. It´s a Tula manufactured AKS-74U, short version of the AKS-74. Caliber 5,45x39mm, standard issue for among others lots of police forces in Russia and former Soviet republics.


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