Driver of the garbage truck which covered the surveillance camera during Nemtsov murder and the farmer asking President to keep anti-European sanctions seem to be played by the same man on Russian TV [video]



The driver of the garbage truck which blocked the surveillance camera during the Nemtsov murder, and the farmer asking the President to keep anti-European sanctions, seem to be played by the same man on Russian TV, here is a video:

Who was Nemtsov? A dude who called the president “yebnuti” which means “fucking crazy”. Here is that video:

Killed by a Chechen killer (proved by court).

Also the dude in the video participated in some “trade-industry chamber” photos:

2018-07-22 13.45.51

Is this one person in all three?

Is he an agent? Is he a foreign spy? We do not know, maybe it is just a coincidence?

Or maybe we live in a Giant Simulation a.k.a. The Matrix and it’s a Matrix glitching?

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