Man Thrown Out of Shop Because Suspected He is Gay [video]


in Russia there shops making artisan foods, breads, icecream etc, ran by orthodox man. He put signs “fags not allowed” on the shop. Here this sign:



Here video how guy suspected being gay thrown away from shop:


25 thoughts on “Man Thrown Out of Shop Because Suspected He is Gay [video]”

  1. Why are Russian so easily provoked to violence? What if the homosexual wants to get revenge now? He might return at night and burn down the shop! So how sensible was it to grab his neck and push him around?

  2. I’ve seen many street fights in Russia. They are brutal in the extreme stupid department. The attackers often knock out the victim on the ground and then they start to kick him in the ribs and head. A trip to the hospital is the usual result, if not death. There’s a lot of mindless anger in Russia.

    • This is nothing. At least they don’t shoot at themselves when they are bored, or ‘upset’ –at their schools, shopping malls or movie theaters.

      Back in the US, life can be soboring…

      • Bored U.S. Rednecks and hair trigger cops do horror shows shooting kids and common folks every two weeks or so.

        Poeple happen to be really “very easy to violence” in that country.

        …”I’ve seen many street fights in Russia….”. -LOLZ

  3. Russians are not so easily provoked to violence, that is a wide-sweeping statement to make.These were plainly religious ‘fundamentalists’and it was on this basis that they behaved inappropriately.It is consider to be unacceptable behaviour in a civilized society. It is my belief that the shop would have been reprimanded in the days of the Soviet Union.

  4. Well, I ‘ve seen it with my own eyes. Russian young men seem very easy to violence….especially if cars are involved. Russia is the most violent country I have ever seen. Sorry to say that.

    • Well, when deranged Americans shoot and kill children and random people, that’s “normal”, right?

      You have a funny bias, “Douglas”. I suppose those monthly massacres are ‘not violent’ (for you).

      Ah, the hypocrisy,,,

      • Hey Avo Adv….I will not reply to your comment in any detail but the ”monthly massacres” are not what the media says they are. Do your own research as to what they really are. It’ll be a new day for you.

        • …”are not what the media says they are…”. –Really? Kids and random people get pretty frequently SHOT and massacred in the U.S. (at schools, movies, malls)… Something “normal” (for you, of course). –LOL. Thanks for proving my point.

          Your ‘shock’ and ‘indignation’ here are a JOKE.

          …”Russia is the most violent country I have ever …”. –LOLZ!

        • Yes, “Douglas”, I did my research about the repeated Shooting Massacres in the US, of course, and I guess you should follow your own ‘advice’ first, or you’ll be exposing more your true dark ‘values’ here.

          Or please don’t do anything, and let us know if you could find the many dead victims “alive”, or perhaps “undead”, somewhere…

          I can’t tell what kind of “new day” will be for you, frankly.

  5. This is the way we need to treat all entitled children. By the scruff of the neck and out the door by force.

    May I recommend a powerful spot light with a very fast/bright strobe light option. This will render the most extreme video camera useless while protecting the store owners customers privacy.

    It will also blind violent attackers long enough to break the bloody hand held portable spot light over the criminals head.

  6. The USA has the most appalling human rights record of any of the so-called “advanced” countries in the world.

    • US nutjobs happen to shoot every week at kids and their moms when they get ‘angry’. Russians can’t top that.

  7. That’s the only shop in Russia with such rules. But i can’t disagree with that russians are so easy to be provoked to violance…

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