29 thoughts on “Vintage Village Anti-Nazi Parade out of 1975 Soviet Russia [photos]”

  1. Keeping alive the memories and horrors of WW II. In a way this is still going on today but in a different form. In Moscow on Victory Day you can still buy delicious cakes decorated with chocolate tanks and candy bullets.

    • Russians WON, and Nazis lost.
      Russians also survived Nazi genocidal ‘Lebensraum’, so I guess Russians can celebrate being alive today, with chocolate bombs if they like. –LOL

  2. Shocking, but well done and, I believe, very necessary. How else could the generation that had grown up since 1945 get an impression of the horrors of war and especially of the horrors the bestial nazis had unleashed on the peoples of the Soviet Union (27 million dead, most of them unarmed civilians)? From history books or memoirs of older family members and contemporaries? Nah!

    For centuries theatre and travelling theatre companies played an important role(sic 🙂 in informing and educating people about recent history and I think this would still work very well today, especially if in some way or other the audience is involved in the performance. But alas, people like Brecht, Priestley, Fo etc. are no longer around and those few who today still write enlightening plays have great difficulties getting them on stage anywhere.

    Film is an attractive medium but it is also much less direct than theatre and especially its Hollywood variety is notoriously prone to manipulations and distortions of history, false heroism and all round obfuscation and mystification of the subject matter. There have been tons of Hollywood films about the US war on Vietnam and not a single one of them gave its audiences a realistic impression of Operation Phoenix, of the free fire zones in the south, of the total destruction of Hué in 1968, of the genocidal bombardments of Hanoi, Haiphong and later Laos and Cambodia … instead we got the silly mystification of Apocalypse Now and the mendacious rot of The Deer Hunter. Nah! … again.

    Some may find the village parade in Belarus looked clumsy but I think it was a very impressive and hopefully effective way to create memories in people who were too young to have experienced these horrors personally.

    • True. Although collaboration happened in varying degrees all over nazi occupied Europe, things were particularly horrid in the Baltic states, in parts of Poland, in Hungary and, as you say, in Western Ukraine SSR …




      During and after the liberation of Eastern Europe many of the perpetrators of these crimes were hanged. But seeing what’s going on today in Lithuania, in Ukraine etc., one can only conclude that their descendants are once again at it with a with a vengeance.

  3. The horrors of the wars may never be forgotten.
    That said I think Stalin is co responsable supplying shitler with raw materials and oil. I bet those germéan tanks contained russian steel supplied by evil emperor stalin. who on his turn benefitted after war being the good father who defeated the evil nazi’s in Russians eyes. But stalin also did his share of genocide among russians

    • Adolf agreed with Stalin a pretty nice Pact in ’39, and the USSR complied, but the Nazis broke it by attacking the Soviet Union two years later, killing civilians by the millions. Adolf wanted “vital space” –without the people in it…

      But Nazis got destroyed later in the Soviet Front, lost horribly, and Adolf had to kill himself in shame. Some kids forget these details.


        • …”I hate people with fantasies about stalin being the…”. –Really? I couldn’t find anybody like that in this page. Perhaps you can find one in your far away planet… or perhaps in Argentina. Hurry! –LOL.

          By the way, in this planet, the Red Army smashed your beloved Nazis to oblivion –and you can’t do nothing about it.

          And now, cry some more…

        • @’alessio’.- I knew you couldn’t disappoint me. Fantasazing imaginary stories, friends (or “enemies”) feeds your creativity! You won’t have to worry about Reality… Why bother?


  4. I don t love shitler nor the evil stalin. But fact is they both lived till theyr old day’s. Yes tell that to the starved or burned russians how “good” stalin was

      • …”when the captives fall in love with their….”. – You’re lying again.Nobody here has defended Stalin. But if you think that Nazis “won”, or Adolf survived his own shameful suicide, be my guest
        Seems you also need to fantasize a lot. Sure way to FAIL.


    • …” fact is they both lived till theyr old day’s….”. –LOL.

      Of course, boy. Relax… Please let me know when the Muppets take Manhattan.


  5. Yes unfortunatelly, they still adore stalin like Chinese adore Mao and also in southern Italy have statues of garibaldi and the savoy responsable of genocide in southern italy

    • Maybe for some, is simoilar when Amreicans defend Confederate ‘Heores’ or Monuments. As said before, the usual losers never learn from History. That’s why others get to write it.

      Please let me know if your Nazis are still fighting (and losing) WW2 in your funny dimension.


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