8 thoughts on “Another Glorious Soviet Car Been Restored to Life [photos]”

  1. Wonderful restoration! Fantastic quality of work. It must have been hard to locate 60+ year old parts as needed. When looking at the final results it is easy to imagine some faceless nomenklatura roaring down an almost empty street in 1950’s being impressed with his own importance.

  2. In Finland, we had 400 taxi ZIMs in fifties and sixties. Many cars, they chance original 3.5 liter gasoline engine to diesel. Perkins, Fordson Major, etc tractor engines. Terrible noise and vibration…

  3. Never understood the need for leather covers (gaiters) on leaf springs. My 1949 Studebaker had metal ones and the requirement to lube the springs every thousand miles or so with graphite grease. In the whole 25 years that I owned it I never lubed them once and had no problems.

    • I would think that leather gaiters would allow water to stay in close contact with the leaves and cause them to rust faster. Never seen this before.

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