A Couple Examples of USSR Copying Children Toys from the West [photos]

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A couple of days ago Russian state senate – Duma – was carrying on (still not yet passed) a law to contraforce the American economical sanctions against Russia. One of the proposals was to cancel the intellectual property rights on the territory of Russia. Sort of copy stuff without paying respective copyright owners on the state level. Something similar was already done by USSR, and here is a little example of Soviet toys copied from the West.




Hopefully they won’t pass this law this time, as it would probably turn out to attract even more furious sanctions from the Western states and World Trade Organization.

5 thoughts on “A Couple Examples of USSR Copying Children Toys from the West [photos]”

  1. > Russians are making copies of toys? How terrible and mean of them….hahahahahaha. Who really cares!!!

    1) This not russian, but communists/sovieticus
    (as intenacionalists enemy of real russian(-nacionalists, selfnacionally-informative)
    – from 1918 (as was “Russian Imperia” ahead date), occupaced by “USSR”, yes after liberian ahead communists revolutionary get/occupace country in 1917)

    2) NATO/usa copy ALL(not only ours) in under-patents history time, and some/many in after – duplicate patents.

    3) As i am think: this toys simple cant be licensed… (like big some production been licensead like Fiat automobile) becouse that been unrealistically-stronger for “small peoples” (not goverment level… (1) HoldWar; 2) steel-barier(nothing trading contacts possible); 3)and euro/usa – very not tolerated to trading contacts -embargo&ets)

    4) More, in its time this toys maded usually not by factorys(officially), but as usually in that days – [half-]unlegally in USSR – later named cooperatives, it [half-]unlegally becouse even it will be all unlegally in USSR, then by time – only half-unlegally, as really its all usually steal nationized-resources from factory(from its legally production count or quality and – from it buyers), many peoples from it – usually “sit” by 5-10 years, becouse that(national diversion). Whats patents you say in its?…

    5) And more, USSR and NATO/usa – have different (self) patents-“justice” (and many patent – stealed by NATO/usa countryes even for now, of couth if it not patented – and in your every countryes – what can make only big factorys. More that patents-mafia – more that some-tenth count, in different coutryes, its all simple unreal&noneconomical “register” normally – only big Corporations can elsewhere patenting )

    6) And, here supid ~copy,
    but *usually* [not micro-]productionwill be licensed or not-copy(not 1:1, with some improvement,
    that legally in patent/(C) “judjement” and not named copy)

  2. aha, Soviets were some nation who is now extinct? 🙂 Interesting, you claim that Russians were victims of the commie “soviet” regime, it was a Soviet empire etc, so all the negative things were done by the Soviets, yet when convenient, it was the Russians – on the WW2 on Eastern Front for example. Well, it was the Big Russian Empire in disguise, and you know it, that’s why the Russian state will never distant itself from CCCP, and will use its victories as Russian victories and its failures as “soviet” ones.

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