English Russia Daily Report #8 [cool videos, fires and golden pistols]


Starting an English Russia Daily Report #8, we select interesting pieces of stuff during the day and then post all together here at Russian time night time. But before we post here we at first post thing at English Russia official twitter account, you can find it here. And here we start, and first picture just showing a normal daily routine of a girl in Vladivostok, Russia, and yes it’s an atomic IceBreaker probably behind her. Next one is..

the next one is this Police car from Belarus..


look, it’s so tired it decided to drink some water from a puddle.. Just joking of course. And the next one is a joke too:



Really, how?

By the way what you see here is a Kaliningrad region of Russia. It’s a totally separate region of Russia that is located inside the Eastern Europe, surrounded by Poland and Lithuania without no land path to “mainland” Russia.

And now our first (for today) funny video from Russia:

Yes, this is a bear in a motorcycle. Yes, he holds a trumpet at first. And yes, he is sort of showing obscene gestures to the traffic ahead of him. What a smart animal, isn’t he? We like our bears in Russia.

By the way you probably know that neat feature in Google Maps when you can sort of rate and comment every shop, office or other piece of business on the map?


So here are some reviews from Russian google maps. Those are reviews for a.. “police station #156 in Strogino”. Here is one particularly handy review (underlined): “good station didn’t beat me too much when arrested”. He even gave them four stars for this, seven month ago, so probably still relevant.

Now something more serious.

Believe it or not we are still having serious huge fires everyday (almost) since that deadly mall fire in Kemerovo which killed tens of people. On the video above you can see yesterday’s huge fire in Tyumen.


It destroyed large toy store.


Luckily nobody was inside, but the thing is ruined.


Inside is even more bad than from outside. But it’s not the only huge fire in past 24 hours:

On this video you can see a huge fire blowing over 1000 square meters of living space in Kzakhstan (it’s really near Russia and most of people there speak habitually Russian without an accent or something, like the girl behind the camera).

Not sure what were the casualties of these one yet.

By the way talking about casualties of the fire,


here is a posting we had today with photos from inside the deadly Kemerovo mall killing almost hundred people. You can click on the picture to see all the photos or click here. There are some very weird photos showing like huge steel pillars just melted.  It should be really high heat inside there.

And talking about fires you start appreciate places like this:



Even it’s very cold there, at least we can be sure that nothing is going to catch fire here.

Mother Nature is really helping us here in Russia with weather.


She is also helping us with other stuff. Like Mother Nature is really helping here someone to steal those guys car’s wheels, just look at this.

By the way. Have you seen someone being late for a train?


Probably seen. But have you seen someone that desperate? A real Russian Flash. A little bit under vodka maybe. Natural selection in action, again.
Most interesting thing here is that trains circulate each (approximately) two minutes in this subway.

By the way, talking about the Natural Selection check out this video:

You won’t regret checking it out, believe me. Another great example of the mentioned above principle. That lady in white boots and black dress is most desperate of them all.


Now jokes aside, meet Blyatman, I mean Batman, or the fantasy photo of Belarus president Alexandr Lukashenko if he was wearing a Batman’s mask.
He is a very serious dude by the way, if you didn’t know he is honorary being named “Last dictator of Europe”. Being in power for over 25 years in Belarusia (they hate this name and tell the name of the country is Belarus, remember it if you travel there), he is really a cult figure there. Also his little son carries a golden gun wherever he goes:


You are not convinced it’s a gun? Take a look here then:

Dmitry Medvedev, Alexander Lukashenko

He is proudly demonstrating it to Dmitri Medvedev, ex Tsar president of Russia.
Because powerful men of this world love their kids and want all the best to them, so they could feel they are special.

Like the kids of the Illuminati Masons guys. What? Yes. For the youngest of the Illuminatis in Russia we have this:


Why Illuminati? Take a look here:


Because they also have kids at the end of the day.

And if you are special you probably want a special car too:


We had a posting today on this ultra-exclusive Soviet era limo which is now all new from inside with Nissan engine etc. You can read more about it here. It’s sort of Men in Black situation when top-secret and top-powerful agency disguised themselves driving an older car but with super abilities built in.

Talking about more things we posted today here is one more:


Those were photos of Soviet street sellers by American photographer. We posted it here today.

And now some more video news:

Tens of migrant workers were fighting today at the construction site. Those were two large groups of two different nations: Tajikistan (which was part of USSR) and… guess what? Their enemies come from… North Korea. North Korea supplies cheap workforce for Russia since some time ago. Interestingly enough nobody went to police or the doctors after the fight, probably because of their status, semi legal or straightly illegal. I wonder how much of North Koreans flee the construction site and ask for refuge? Or they aren’t been accepted and being guarded.

Here is a big chandelier collapsed on the train station in Ukraine:


Luckily nobody was standing there at the moment it happened. Did someone steal the fastening nut from the roof?

And here is another joke:


“When you slept only three hours and drink a cup of coffee to feel energized”

By the way the car is still able to go:


And the last but not least:


Because its easier to break the glass than win the game probably. Or is it because lately, everyone is stressed?

Don’t be stressed please, do something relaxing!

And here we are, that’s all for today. If you want to read the yesterday’s edition you can find it here.

See you back soon!


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