Russian Postal Drones Start First Delivery, Crashes [photos, video]


“Post of Russia” decided to test their first delivery drones. They invited journalist to the event, prepared everything, and here, the first drone rises into skies and heads to the customer home… But then..




First of all the delivery route wasn’t just a next door or a neighbor block from the post office. Not like that at all. The drone actually had to go 15 km away from the city to the small village there. And deliver a parcel to that village.pochta_rossii_03


Post of Russia has invited the region governor to the demonstration. Also the CEO of the “Post of Russia” was present too. However it all went wrong.pochta_rossii_04A drone worth of $17,000 crashed into the nearby house not even been able to fly out of sight of all the present there. Here is the video:

Can it be shot down by one of those Russian anti-drone guns we reviewed today (link here)? Lol.


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  1. I can’t wait until those anti-drone guns hit the private market. It’ll be raining freebies for the one or two weeks that it takes for Amazon and other companies who are dumb enough to use drones to go out of business.


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