English Russia Daily Report #5 [cats, Putin, drones, sofas, all things weird]


So this is the fifth edition of our “English Russia daily report” series of postings. We collect best stuff we see all the day and compile them in one posting here on our website. Let’s check out what we’ve got here today.

For starters here is the funny cat pic for you:


Translation: “there is a video surveillance in the store”.

And now something else. Post of Russia today gathered journalists, announced they are going to ship parcels with drones, started showing how it would look like in practice, invited the governor and their CEO for a demonstration. Then this happened:

Basically we have a whole posting today (link here) about this incident with more photos. But someone worked on the video and made this plot-twist version of it:

Now it looks like a kamikaze drone. Or is it a record-time delivery? Anyways if you are interested in checking more photos, there is a link above.


Talking about the drones, here is a posting we had today about the newest Russian anti-drone guns. You can read it here. This photo by the way can be also used for something like “How Russian girls catch Russian men” if we didn’t know it’s an anti-drone gun she is holding firmly.

Talking about guns and police, remember we had a photo of new Russian police anti-riot bus? Here is yesterdays shot:


Now we’ve got couple more fresh shots of the thing on the streets:

DZx3AuFWkAEt_a2.jpg large

Check it out. A true portable road barricade. And take a note – those stop signs have English language on them – probably for meeting crowds of angry British football fans this summer at the Football Cup in Russia? And maybe some other countries would be interested in getting one of those too?

Ok, moving on and here is an example when the riot police might be pretty much handy:

According to the story two lads came to a repair shop to pick up their cell phone after repairs. However the price was different to what they expected and it all escalated very quickly. The girl instead of calling police was calmly filming all the process, probably for our viewing pleasure.

And remember there was a book (and the movie) “Devil wears Prada”?

Now in Russia we have a “Devil drives a Lada” version of this title. Can he be a former Sukhoi pilot? If you wonder where it’s happening it’s in Los Santos county.

You see pic down there:


You might think it’s a photoshop but it is not. It’s an actual creepy abandoned Soviet village on the beach. You can read more about it here.

Also talking about reading more, here is one more pic:


Wings are overrated one might say, but in fact it’s a grave yard for Mig-31 jets. Read more about it here.

Well, what else? Let’s move one:


Would you buy this?
I mean, would you buy this nice little pony coloring book?
Interesting if the Mein Kampf is a coloring book too?

And here is a short video about our president:

Is Putin’s chair having a fifth leg, or did it just cracked? Even the chair can stand the pressure these days.


Simpsons clearly have predicted this long time before! Or can it be a mechanism of some sort?

By the way, remember that story, how Russia is evicting US diplomats from a St.Petersburg consulate they occupied since 1972?


They are now gone (the US consulate workers), but have left a note, for the new residents.   The note reads as follows: “Dear sirs, first things first please water the flowers! Greetings from American people”. Leaving jokes aside it’s all very childish from both sides and we don’t really need a new Cold War restarted..

Talking about sad stuff,


This picture is so full of sorrow. Imagine the thoughts in his head he probably thinks he never could afford one of those.

But let’s change the topic to something more positive.


For example here is a fun fact: English word “Love” can be easily transformed to Russian name “Oleg” just by changing the order of the letters and rotating some of them. If you have some Oleg friend you can send it him. Also Russian “Lego” can be made too, obviously.

Here is video (above) of some dudes having fun. They found a big pice of ice cracking away into the river, boarded it and took it to their advantage. What else do you do in spring in Russia? Kind of fireproof iceship or something.


One more funny pic. Looks like this pack of Kefir isn’t in a mood for peaceful negotiations.

By the way, talking of funny pics, you probably know that this summer there is going to be a some huge Soccer/football even in Russia, a World Cup or something.


And so the cops are sort of already being trained to meet fans and athletes from all over the world.

A tractor got stuck in the snowy lake and they tried to rescue it (video above). Better they probably didn’t do it. Or was this tractor with a factory defect or something?

A giant Matreshka tried to escape Russia. Got caught. President! Pay attention! Even Matryoshkas are running! Talking about the Simpsons..


They are also probably trying to escape, but as Matryoshka story showed us it’s hopeless thing. The only refuge you’ve got is to hide. Like this dude did:


When you too tired of the customers and want to stay alone for a while.


You can’t blame the man, those big networked retailers are true sweatshops according to the stories of people working here.


By the way, did you know there is a place with a border between Russia, North Korea and China. Is that an epicenter of communism or something? Also sort of there is always at least a worst place to go to. Pity, no Cuba nearby.

Here is a nice photo from Karelia, Russia:


Long blue shadows of the trees because of the low  Sun in winter in this Northern part of Russia, bordering Finland.

And here is one more pic:


Some say its sort of a “costume of the year”. Basically what you see is a Russian most favorite salad “Olivier salad”, In many countries, the dish is commonly referred to as Russian salad. We had a small piece on Russian favorite New Year dishes and we got a recipe of this Olivier salad there too. You can read it here

You might think that the guy from the video above is dead and the milk is spoiled, but no, luckily he is alive. Not sure about the milk though. This could be a natural gas powered milk truck, it caught fire so fast.

And to finish todays posting we will present you a Russian sofa manual. Right, a manual on how to use a sofa.


It has four pages and each include illustrations on how would you better use your sofa. Like each position got it’s name. Those are (in order of the appearance): “Upper yogin”, “Rider” , “Sloth”, “Marlboro Cowboy”.


“Sportsman” and “Bicycle”


“The master of the sofa”

“A log”


“Jack” as in playing cards.


And the last, actually first page of the manual: “Dreamer”, “Dream”, “A Turkish”, “Yogi”, “Apollo”, “Mimi TV”.

And “Love your sofa!” slogan. Right, love your sofa, love your wife, love your kids, love thy neighbor, love everyone because all we need is love, love is everything and let’s finish this report for today on this Love note.

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