English Russia Daily Report #2 [photos, videos, girls and crocs]

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Do you know that Russian parliament (Duma) in early 1990s was a very eclectic place? The times of the early democracy and many people call it “true freedom” – there were almost no regulation yet – as the lawmaking wasn’t keeping up with an economic freedom Russian people received. And so the people could elect dudes like this one to be one of the lawmakers.

Here is a video (above) of an avalanche that was hitting a ski resort couple of days ago at Elbrus mountain in Russia.


And this is the photo of the aftermath.

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Speaking about the yesterday’s edition when we discussed the deadly mall fire, deadly because the fire exits were locked, here is an example of another fire exit at different mall. As you see it’s sort of even not exist. You run away from fire, open the door ¬†and boom! – you are trapped.


Have you ever seen a squirrel baby? Like squirrel cub or squirrel pup or just little squirrel, cozy sitting on a winter tree. If not seen before, you have seen it now then.


**There are two genders joke goes here**

Russian (also NHL) hockey player posted a video (above) showing how it’s hard to be a dog of a famous hockey player.

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“Lakhta Center” tower will be the tallest skyscraper in Russia and also in Europe. And also the Northernmost skyscraper in the world, it’s located in St.Petersburg, Russia. And here is a nice shot showing the sort of contrasts of modern day Russia.


You think kids have forgotten their spinners? No they just use it differently now.

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