English Russia Daily Report #2 [photos, videos, girls and crocs]


By the way Russia had a big fire today again.


Hyundai dealership was on fire in St.Petersburg.


500 sq. meters was on fire and employees say there is a tank with 3 tons of machine oil in the basement of the dealership which could catch fire too, not clear if it’s ended yet or not.


There is a program in Russia that every person can get one ha. (10000m2 or 2.47 acres) of land for free if you want to move to the Russian Far East (Pacific Coast etc). There is a website online where you can browse available lands and craft yourself a plot you like, then claim it and get property rights transferred to you. So someone made himself a land plot in form of a Batman. Is he going to build a bat cave there?


For some reason those dogs always come to this intersection to check the accidents which for some reason again and again keep happening here. Are they waiting for the meat truck or dogfood truck to overturn here?


Just a Slavic greeting from a historical sight in Turkey. Moving on..

Lately  our Taxi drivers, well actually there are no more classical Taxi drivers, most of the taxi drivers in Russia now are connected thru different apps (Uber/Lyft alternatives). So for this reason they need couple of different smartphones to get the calls from different apps, all turned on same time. However some of the drivers get into overload mode – they don’t have two or three screens in their cars – they get multitudes of them. See the video above for an example.

And the record goes to this taxi driver (video above). When he was stopped by police he had twenty-one screens turned on at the same time. Police dude who stopped him is sort of shocked himself to see this.

Going on. Let’s flip the page:

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