English Russia Daily Report #2 [photos, videos, girls and crocs]



We are continuing our new thing – an “English Russia Daily Report”, now part two. I will remind this stuff is being posted in our twitter during a daytime and then here is a final day summary posted as a report here on the site. And you might wonder who is the girl on the first pic and why is she with an old granny? Read on..

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Here is the story that is developing today. It turned out that in one of the schools, namely in a city Borodochi there is a relationship between a girl and a teacher is going on. What makes it stand out from the other stories of this kind when the teacher and a student having fun is that the pretty big age difference and also that they are both are of the same sex.


Here is an example of the photos the girl was posting on her Instagram account and other social networks. She seemed to really enjoy the ongoing thing and was posting things like “Most important in life is to meet a person that understand you even when you keep silence. I LOVE YOU” etc. Not very clear if she was sort of really very into it or just bragging with this unusual partner she had.

By the way the mistress is not just a regular teacher from her school but a vice-principal, making her second most important person in the school. Now they say both going to be expelled from the school.

Remember this video from the yesterday’s report? They had a paintball gun and were hunting for the private speedcams. (Video above)

Now today one of them has been caught and today he says it was a big mistake never again never again. Here is the video. Pussy?

And the next story is (next page):

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