English Russia Daily Report #1 [deadly mall fire news, photos, videos, fun stuff etc]


“First case against s robot would be heared in Tomsk. According to the story an autonomous self driving tractor caused damage to the protected (rare) plants in a state controlled natural reserve”. Will the robots get robotic attorneys, that is the question.



Drug trade in Russia is lately very popular to be conducted thru the dark net utilizing bitcoin etc. So this is a big business and police can’t do anything with this (mostly). The sellers have big darknet marketplaces where you can pay for any drug and in a few minutes you will receive a location of a hidden small “treasure” somewhere near you where you can pick up the drug. No hand to hand trade anymore, just hundreds (thousands) of pre-made stored pieces of drugs across major Russian cities. Called “bookmarks”. You just pay online and receive an address and a photo of the “bookmarked” location, go there and pick your thing. So doing biz this way they became rich and sort of reputable (as you can rate sellers as you do on Amazon).

And now after the mall fire tragedy one of the large Exstasy pills (MDMA) sellers announced that: “we are going to transfer $4 dollars from each pill sold to the families of the mall fire victims. “Our team is extremely sad because of the tragedy as the whole country is”  announced at their official TOR store page. Is this is a libertarian future or what?




Just a lady, seller from the store, sharping her knives in front of her store.DZTxELlXcAARgnA


And seems to be satisfied with the result.

Also, returning to the topic of the mall fire. Here are a couple of the photos how Russian malls neglect security of their fire exits, like:


..like blocking them with selling stalls – trying to get extra buck from the rent payments.DZTVaF2XUAAMZYj


Rendering them sort of useless.



Or doing things like this.DZT_UEvX0AEgGwq


You are sort of almost reached the street you can even see it but here, blocked and those metal bars can’t let you out even you can feel it.

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  1. The teacher and chaperone went shopping and asked the security guard to clock the doors…jesus fucking christ, they should be shot. Those poor, poor children.

  2. It looks like the guy threw the bag into the ball pit where those foam bricks will burn like crazy. I hope they get the guy and whoever is behind this. RIP to all those that had to suffer and the poor kids calling to say good bye.I had to do that twice from a high rise fire, we got out but the memories of calling family to say goodbye never go away.


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