Five Types of Crazy Newest Weapons Putin Announced Today [videos]


Today Vladimir Putin announced a few newest weapons and some of them look like they are straight out of Sci-Fi movie. How about a cruise missile with a nuclear engine that can go around in circles above the Earth surface and avoid all anti-missile systems? This would be this first one, and here is the video:

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1. You can hear Vladimir commenting on the background “This is how it avoids the anti-missile defense”. They claim that this new cruise missile has a nuclear (sic!) engine and can stay unlimited time in the airspace, also quote: “can maneuver unlimitely long time”. As you can see in the end of the video its approaches the continent of the North America from some unexpected angle (from the South).

2. Now the second thing – unmanned underwater robots that can carry charges to wherever needed. They also said to have nuclear engines. Take a look at the video:
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By the way you can hear Vladimir coughing or gulping on the background when watching the video. On the last scene it seems that those unmanned drones deliver their bomb again to the North American continent, now to its Northern part.

3. Next one is a supersonic missile delivery system that can quote “deliver missiles to the needed point in just a matter of the seconds”. Here is a video demonstration:
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They say that it can reach the speeds of 20 mach (which is truly unbelievable and exceeds third space speed that is enough for a rocket to leave the Solar system). Again the video was shown in full silence of the audience.

4. Now the huge, actually the biggest at the moment ballistic missile “Sarmat” which weighs roughly 200 tons and again claimed to be invincible for the modern anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems.
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On the video presentation it can be seen how it can circle around the Earth and again come to the other continents from a surprisingly weird angles.

5. And the last but not least are the laser canons that are according to Vladimir are being shipped to the army since the last year already. Here is a short video:
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According to the experts those are pretty darn extreme announcements which might power up new era of armaments race and also make a lot of buck to the competing armaments providers.
Also some say this might make useless all previous “anti missile defense” systems currently being used in the world.

Time will tell.

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  1. Hahaha yeeeees of course, after defeating a bear and not caring about inner economy, Valdi now has invented Project Pluto ( :o)

  2. I guess Mr. Putin believes that computer graphics are the best way to convince the world that his new weapons systems really really work. Is his show and tell is a new version of a weapons Potemkin Village.? Yes, time will tell.

  3. I don’t believe Moscow has any fear of the west and vise versa, fear of China taking over the world is very real indeed. China is Russia’s only real enemy because you cant argue with four billion people. Also why is Russia always talking about being attacked by the west? Just like Russia the west has everything it needs so who is interested in anything about Russia from military view? Look at a world map and you can easily see a partnership between Russia and China would be far more powerful then anything the west could ever dream of.

    • Russian leaders have been propagandizing their citizens concerning an emmenant USA invasion of Russia for the past 100 years. If Russia has internal problems the first country they blame is the US. They have a mild victim mentality. But underneath all of their bluster, most Russians admire and love Americans.

      • Its crazy to think we might actually use such weapons, how would we know when to stop shooting? I wonder how many Russians have seen the movie about an accidental US strike on Russia? In the movie the US calls Moscow on the hotline to explain they cant recall a bomber. They have to make a fast deal so the US said they will drop a bomb on NewYork and Washington to prove to Russia they dont want war. Those movies have been around since the sixties yet here we are Sixty years latter and we are still walking on very thin ice.

  4. The US does not need Russian territory, they need the resources; and to kick Russia out of their way as global hegemon; hope there is a real thing beside the computer model.

    • You do know the US has huge oil and gas reserves and just about everything else it needs. Canada supplies the US with billions of dollars in food stuffs and even we give them our excess power for free.
      There is nothing that Russia has the US is even interested in and Russians are still told to fear the US?
      All this BS grandstanding over nukes and missiles everyone knows an exchange will destroy the world. Putin took a step backwards again, he sounded like NK.
      You know what really sucks is that we are always being controlled by a few in power and greed is one of the worst human flaws. I can say the average Canadian and US citizen would love to have open relations with Russia because Russians are freaking cool.
      Putin is enamored with the idea of looking strong with big missiles what the hell is that about are we all going to decide one day to just start a war? Has anyone forgot about MAD Russia and the US already has enough nukes to destroy the world ten times over and they still want more. If we were working together instead of fighting we could accomplish a lot for mankind, how about we try to change things and get along.

      • We give them our excess power for free???
        Hydro Quebec just made a deal that will generate around 10 billions $US with Massachusetts to sell electricity… nothing is given… you’re fucking exaggerating lol… with Trump trying to fuck up NAFTA don’t we are giving them less each day that goes by lol…

        • Here…

        • All I have ever heard for years is Ontario pays through the teeth for electricity and Quebec with all the hydro electric they have they not only give it away but you have to pay them to take it. A billion dollar contract that’s probably subsidized like everything else in Quebec.

  5. Now all he has to do is prove that any of these exist, are fully tested (how do you prove that they are “invincible against existing and future” defenses – that is obviously ludicrous). Some of the stuff does not even make sense. How do you stuff a nuclear reactor into torpedo or cruise missile. Unless Russian scientists bypassed laws of physics, that is not possible. Or show us a working nuclear reactor of that size. What lunatic would send an unmanned submarine with 100 megaton warhead to roam cities? What if a terrorist takes control of it, sends it to Vladivostok and detonates it? Don’t tell me Russians are that irresponsible. This all sounds like a science fiction, aimed squarely at Russian voters. But I await a proof that any of this is real, instead of empty slides and silly computer generated graphics.

    • It _is_ possible to stuff a nuclear reactor into a cruise missile, the Americans developed a working prototype in the 1950s. Nevertheless, development was stopped as being “too provocative” (even though it was the “hottest time of the cold war”) and not needed as intercontinental ballistic missiles proved to be far more practical without the strong disadvantages of a nuclear driven cruise missile. See:

      However this statement could be understand as message like “Stop building ways to intercept ballistic missiles, or we will build that evil thing not even you dared to deploy.”

  6. Yep, nuclear cruise missile (slow), but avoids all systems. Hmmm…if he went for just hypersonic missile that might even make sense. But no such thing as nuclear powered hypersonic cruise missile exists. It is truly bizarre, I thought Russians spent enough years studying physics during their education. Are they too affraid to ask questions?

  7. It was a large plane and it was spewing deathly radiation on people it overflew. Insufficient shielding. Cruise missiles did not exist.

    • With “working prototype” I meant the reactor for Project Pluto, with the Tory II-C being a successfully ran full-scale prototype suitable for a – though quite large – cruise missile. The air speed estimated by engine output would have been roughly Mach 4.2. Slow compared to ballistic missiles, but low flying difficult to detect soonish enough to intercept even with a VERY fast system. The of course having the problem of contaminating the whole area beneath, which was at least part of the official reason why the project was stopped and of course no working missile was ever built. Overall, it was a shitty idea and it is ridiculous even taken physics aside that Putin warms it up in his speech of boast. Seemed more like a Kim Jong Un-Moment. 😉

      About planes, you’re most likely thinking about the Convair NB-36H and the Tu-119, both being flown with a reactor and both being a similar shitty idea. 😉

  8. All this grandstanding for what? The US is still buying rocket engines from Russia that they cant make themselves and Russia is worried about the US making special rocket stuff?lol
    Space X tried to buy rocket engines from Russia from the beginning and if they had played the cards right they would have been making hundreds of engines making millions of dollars.
    All Russia has to do is knuckle under a bit and start some small manufacturing base so they can branch out to everyone. Russians are pretty damn good at making stuff. it’s time to show the world just what they can do when they are not focused on war and oil.

  9. Russian engines are cheap (cheap labor) and reliable. But new American tech, like booster rockets landing themselves for reuse will result in vastly cheaper per pound travel, that will leave Russians and Europeans FAR BEHIND. Absolute revolution in space travel economy.

    • Not to take away from space x but they were in the right place at the right time. A private citizen with money wanted to build a rocket. The shuttle was kaput and the US had no way to go to the station except Russia’s rockets. It just shows that in the US you are free to do as you like and not have to answer to anyone. Launching a car to orbit for fun is about a thousand years into the future for Russia.

  10. What sort of election, when opponent is banned? Back to the Soviet style elections, 99.99% vote for party choices, or else!

  11. Putin = a classic short man syndrome. Insecure, has to pose as he-man at all times, without shirt, hunting, fishing, winning against professional teams (ehem…), trying to look up to Night Wolves. This obscession with military and military might is more of the same. Keeps him in power, blaming external evil doers always trying to destroy Russia.

    • Putin even likes to appear rather religious. He goes to a Monastery in Karelia Oblast where he has a home and likes to drive his car. He kisses an Orthodox cross, reads from a Bible and even takes an ice water bath at Epiphany. I do not know if he is sincere or not but suspect he is…..a believer.

  12. So, a special Russian designed and made military grade nerve gas (designed to be extra lethal and to avoid detection with standard military detectors) has been used to assassinate Putin’s opponents in England. As if Polonium was not devious enough. Russia refused to explain itself by deadline posed by Britain. I see a lot of new sanctions coming down on Russia like a stones.

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