Bitcoin Mining Rigs Caused a Big Fire in a Garage Complex [video]


Russian miners installed a “mining farm” consisting of special computers – rigs. Which rig had a few of high performance graphic cards plugged in it, bringing power consumption of each such rig to over 1 kWh. A few of such were placed in a garage inside of a garage complex but seems like the load was to high for the wiring so all this got into flames and caused the garage to completely burn down their garage and nearby garages together with the cars in them. The video is inside:

[videojs mp4=”/video/miners.mp4″ preload=”true”]

Each such “mining rig” can cost up to $3000 dollars which adds up to causing losses to neighbors by burning down their cars.

2 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining Rigs Caused a Big Fire in a Garage Complex [video]”

  1. China has these by the thousands, bitcoin is so crazy. What will it end up doing to us? Already each day its up thousands the next day its down by thousands.

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