Bitcoin Mining Rigs Caused a Big Fire in a Garage Complex [video]


Russian miners installed a “mining farm” consisting of special computers – rigs. Which rig had a few of high performance graphic cards plugged in it, bringing power consumption of each such rig to over 1 kWh. A few of such were placed in a garage inside of a garage complex but seems like the load was to high for the wiring so all this got into flames and caused the garage to completely burn down their garage and nearby garages together with the cars in them. The video is inside:

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Russian Stylish Older Man

Russian Stylish Older Man

This Dedushka (grandad, as opposed to “Babushka” – grandmother) lives in Khabarovsk and is considered to be a local landmark for dressing in style each day while he is cruising through this Far Eastern Russian city. After surviving cancer he decided that life is too short to waste and started doing whatever he liked, including wearing clothes that appealed to him and were not just a social norm. Let’s take a look at a few of his other looks.

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