13 thoughts on “Russian Newest TU-160M Modernized Strategic Bomber”

  1. What a beauty … and what a monstrosity, considering what it’s been designed for. Still, since no Soviet government would have ever launched an unprovoked attack against western targets, and since even today’s ‘democratic’ Russian oligarchy would never dream of launching such an attack, all those Satans, SS-20, Iskanders, Typhoons, Boreis, TU-160s etc. were ever made for was a well deserved retaliation after a surprise attack by the imperialist western countries.

    If one day the obscene kindergarten that is the elected leadership of the imperialist western countries comes to its senses, changes its policies and dismantles its deadly military arsenals, then there will be no more need to maintain such costly retaliatory weapons systems … and good riddance to it all, even if some of them did look beautiful.

  2. The reality is that the defense business establishment is a huge jobs program in Russia and the West. Millions of people would be out of work if there was no military–business alliance.

    • The top US guy spoke today in my country (Canada), He was telling everyone not to worry about mcdump launching an attack. He said if the order comes from the president to strike he will look at weather its legal and if not then they look at what is.
      No one in the west has any ill feelings towards Russia or NK or China or anyone unless they attack first.

  3. Frankly, Russians are incredibly paranoid. They are fed steady diet of war, war and more war, so not surprisingly they see West as intent on destroying them. Nobody in the West cares about Russia, as it has nothing to offer other than some natural resources, which are much cheaper to buy than to conquer by spending billions on war. But it suits Mr. Putin and his oligarchs to keep the paranoia at the maximum, so Russians do not spend too much time thinking about their economy and lifestyle. So sad. Couple that with systematic cheating by state agencies to make Russia look better than it is, so now Russians are banned from participating in Olympics. Double sad. All the people emigrating from Russia to the West tell the story.

    • Correct Mike. Plus Russians are very overly sensitive about any negative remarks about the poverty and lack of infrastructure in Russia. They blame it all on the US and the West. I’ve observed Russian Culture very closely for many years and basically Russia is a very poor 3rd world country with upgrades. Yes, it all looks good but go inside the homes of the average person and you see poverty at a basic level. Douglas USA.

      • Yeah, cuz there’s no poverty in the USA… idiot…

        BTW which nation reneged on not expanding NATO? or pulled out of ABM treaty? or bombed Serbia and gave Kosovo to mafia-backed terrorists? or engineered a coup in Ukraine and backed the coup regime to attack Donbass? or backed AQ and other wahabbi terror groups in their attempt at a Syrian regime change?

        Yeah sure, Russia must be “paranoid”….

        • Check out the wages in Russia. They are near bottom of the chart. Yes, they have nuclear weapons, Internet, computers, cell phones but they have also have small micro apartments, massive apartment buildings with no parking and antiquated medical facilities. If you’re in Russia as a tourist….don’t get sick.

          Yes, there is massive poverty in the USA. The greed of landowners and housing providers is horrific.

      • And the US is a destructive regime doing whatever the fuck it wants… Placing maniacs into power when they are scared a communist or islamist regime might get into power…

  4. Poverty in USA are those too lazy to work for their future or mentally ill. There are opportunities that Russians can only dream about. And all that stuff that Russians bought elsewhere, like computers, Internet and cell phones were designed and produced elsewhere. I think the Olympics situation where Putin, FSB and athletes massively cheated with performance enhancing drugs in order to make themselves look better than they are is the 21st counterpart of Potemkin Vilkage. Eventually we may find out where this snipers that caused massacre in Kiev came from, would not surprise me one bit if GRU has bloody hands. That’s how Russians started their war in Afghanistan- killed every one in government. So don’t talk about someone else starting a coup and keep your soldiers on vacation with tanks at home. They will start coming home in bits and pieces after Javelins are delivered to Ukraine army. Just like Stingers decimated Russian aviation in Afghanistan.

  5. I don’t consider people sitting in government subsidized housing, with governments provided food coupons, monetary subsidies for kids with no daddy, free clinics, watching 65 inch flat TVs and getting fat to be “massively impoverished”. Lazy, unwilling to work or change their situation. Applies to many blacks and low class whites. But I have also met some blacks that work hard and are making payments on status symbols such as owning a Mercedes Benz.

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