Russian military vehicles of the year 2023


The near future designs of Russian military vehicles by the Gojkovic Design Bureau/a Serbian concept artist Nenad Gojkovic. Nenad is a professional concept artist specialized in prop, vehicle and architecture design for the entertainment industry. 

For creation of his designs, he often uses, as many artists in the industry, a technique called photobashing, most of you have probably heard of it. However, the photobashing technique he’s using is kind of a unique one. While others usually take and combine larger cropped elements, Nenad takes what he calls a base image, an existing design, say a 3/4 view photo of an APC. The process has 2 stages basically. As he explains – “First I modify the existing silhouette to a degree and once I’m happy with the new one I continue with design, by further modifications and by placing small details, cropped from other military vehicles in this case. So usually these are very tiny details and, this way of doing it means I have a much bigger control over design process, instead of photobashing itself, in more traditional sense (using larger cropped elements), dictating to a great degree what the design will look like.”

For more of his work, visit (here you can find process gifs for some of the displayed vehicles) or He can be reached at

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