How to Impress a Russian Girl


How to Impress a Russian Girl

Every man has to know that it is possible to please and impress a Russian girl only when he gives her exactly what she wants. In order a surprise will be pleasant, a man should study all her tastes and wishes. Remember that all Russian girls have own desires, so you need to choose a surprise taking into account their interests and tastes.

How to impress Russian women


Put papers with declaration of love in flowers

Buy a bouquet of inexpensive flowers, cut pieces of paper, write on each of them words of love (why you love her or whatever you want), and put papers in petals. Even if it is not a gift of her dreams, she will definitely be pleased to receive flowers and read such compliments.


Prepare a romantic dinner

If you live together, you can take a day off and cook something tasty. Even if the “tasty” is not edible, don’t worry because the situation can be rescued by a simple phrase: “I’m not sure that it is good because I have never prepared something like this for anyone”. Your attitude towards a girl and not your culinary skill is the main value of a surprise. Candles and wine will never be superfluous, no matter how trite it may sound. Try to create an atmosphere of attention and kindness during a dinner and tell compliments. All these banal things will impress a Russian girl.


Go for a walk

You can show her a place where you like to come alone; a place which has never been shown to anyone. It is also nice if you hide a little surprise at this place – a favorite flower or her favorite candy or even a puppy. Attention to her, to her tastes and preferences will make a surprise extraordinary and unexpected, very individual and memorable.



Confess your feelings in a public

You can’t even imagine how it acts on Russian girls. Write a confession of love on the asphalt, write it in social networks or just grab her in your arms during a walk and carry her through a crowded place. Such actions are also remembered for a long time, if not forever. Thus, you will definitely wow a Russian girl.


Make something with your own hands

Draw a picture or write a poem. Even if your artistic skills are not very good. There are no bad poems about love and you can always say about painting “I see it so”. If you really have some abilities and have not yet used them to express your feelings — there is no mercy for you!


Go for rest

What can bring the brightest emotions? That’s right, traveling together. You need to go somewhere with your girlfriend at least once a year. Relax with your lover on the beach, relax from work, and take cool photos — all these things are dreams of Russian girls.


Make an extreme date

Do something crazy. The easiest way is to add a bit of extreme to her life. It can be a trip on off-road cars on mountains, fast driving on motorcycles, a hot-air balloon ride, diving, surfing, rafting, horse riding, snowboarding and much more. Perhaps it is better to ask in advance what she would like to try out the extreme.



If a relationship is at a distance

It also happens that you fell in love, having met on the Internet or an evil fate decided to temporarily separate you. But this is not a barrier to feelings and good aspirations. The Internet, a phone and other types of communication are developing so rapidly and give so many opportunities. A lot of men make many surprises for girls even if they are at a distance, for example:

Send a bouquet of flowers

The first thing that can please a girl is a flower delivery. If you have already managed what flowers she likes, then it only remains to call the delivery service telling the address of the recipient to make your order. Only imagine how nice it will be for her to suddenly receive flowers from another city and even from a loved man.

Write a letter

A letter is a classical variant. Write her the most touching letter where you can write about your sincere feelings. Put leaves of the trees that surround you, fragrant herbs, or dried flowers inside. Let your letter include a small but touching herbarium. Such a surprise will be appreciated even by the most unromantic Russian girls.


Arrive unexpectedly

And, of course, the biggest and most pleasant surprise will be your unexpected arrival to your loved woman. If you are impatient and can’t wait to see her, you have to come to your soul mate without warning. In this case, she will not need anything from you because the main and biggest gift will be you. Let a girl understand that you are ready to follow her to the edge of the world.

The main thing is originality and a feeling that a surprise is presented and prepared with love. Don’t limit yourself to fantasy. You can even make not only one surprise but many little ones.

2 thoughts on “How to Impress a Russian Girl”

  1. How to impress a ruskie chick:
    Have an inheritance as wide as Siberia
    Have a fine sports car in a 4/car garage
    Have a private jet with the ability to fly to Cannes at the drop of a hat
    Have an income of 200k per year or higher
    Buy her a massive jewelery collection: you know bracelets, diamond rings, fine ear/nose studs

    • That’s not fair. I dated a Russian girl, who’s family moved to the U.S. She was beautiful, fun, and one of the simplest people I’ve ever known. What impressed her most about me? My outdoor survival skills, believe it or not.


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