Russian Tourists Tried to Steal Toilet Paper Garden Plants and Baileys Liquor from Turkish Hotel


Turkish hotel in Alanya province was tracking down a couple from Russia during their whole stay. They suspected the couple is doing something more than just spending their vacation. When they wanted to check out their bags contained: 14 rolls of toilet paper, towels,


Five liter of Bailey’s liquor spread into a few empty bottles, apples and oranges from the hotel’s “all included” bar and restaurant.  Bath robes, slippers and more. Everything they could reach they took from the hotel.


But the most unusual find in their bags were the garden plants which the tourist couple removed from a Turkish hotel garden.

After the couple paid for everything the market price they were let free to go.


6 thoughts on “Russian Tourists Tried to Steal Toilet Paper Garden Plants and Baileys Liquor from Turkish Hotel”

    • I guess these Russians are richer than you. Whan you manage to visit Turkey on Holidays (or somewhere abroad, for that matter), please let us know.

      • I don’t know how rich these Russians are, but the trip from me to Turkey is likely much more expensive than for them to Turkey. Turkey is a cheaper holiday destination. I have been there 4 times. It is nice, and as I said cheap. I could go there at the drop of a hat, and live there all year round for less than what I have to spend at home.
        August I will spend in Germany ( I go there every other year) January I plan to spend in Thailand and February in New Zealand. What is wrong with you impoverished Rednecks and your Russkie friends. Don’t embarrass your countries by being petty thieves. I believe some of these partially 3rd worldish countries have terrible jails.

        • …”I don’t know how rich these Russians are…”. –Of course you don’t. Now, please fantasize some more. Sure way to FAIL.

  1. this whole episode is bit messy, surely there are things you dont have steel from a hotel, and the other thing is they are paying the full price for the stay. a bit confusing. from the the pics its not a cheap hotel and they must be paying lot for the stay. so they could buy all these stuff for less outside. only they can explain.

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