What can be found in 75 year old Nazi dugout


Enthusiasts went into the forest and found old Nazi dugout. Here are the list of things was in the ground for seventy five or more years and removed this winter:



1. Nazi bayonet knife.


2. Empty metal boxes, used for mines.



3. Tent pegs.


4. Smoking pipe and a lighter of some German soldier or officer.


5. Bag full of ammo. Leather parts of the bag in pretty nice condition.


6. German plates and forks.


7. Also German flask and vintage DOM cognac bottle.


8. German gas mask and its filter.


9. An optical eyesight.


10. Unexpectedely they also found a piece of airplane cabin.


11. Nazi helmets and explosives – these three greens bricks are packs of German TNT, was used to make booby traps when they left the dugout probably.

And that’s it! However across Russia there are still plenty of such stashes not yet unearthed.




5 thoughts on “What can be found in 75 year old Nazi dugout”

  1. This is the German idea of war….nice tableware, dishes and of course plenty of Booze or спиртной напиток

    • Ummm… no. The Wehrmacht was created by your Adolf, and swore obedience to him first. It invaded and killed for him, too… That army died with him, a long time ago. So, yes, it was a Nazi Army.

      Today’s German Army is the Bundeswehr. You didn’t know?


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