Russian Airport Taxi Drivers Bought GPS Jammers to Repel Uber and Others


A few days ago passengers of different Moscow airports noticed that their ride sharing apps like Uber or YandexTaxi stopped working near the actual airports. It turned out that local taxi operators have bought GPS jammers so that they get all the taxi orders.




So all arriving passenger now have to take regular cabs again. Taxi union representative says that this is perfectly legal. He said on contrary, Uber and others are the ones who are fraud themselves – setting prices below minimum and taking all customers.

However many lawyers think different. No matter your can buy a GPS jammer on any Moscow market, it’s illegal to use it and even to own it.



And this is already a second scandal connected with ride sharing apps in Moscow for the last few days. A few days ago YandexTaxi – most popular Russian Uber-like app was blamed it sets different ride prices for different phone model owners. For example, owners of the more expensive iPhones got the price up to twice higher than with inferior models.


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  1. Problem with most taxi drivers in Moscow is that they always want to re-negotiate their rate at the end of the trips.


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