Russian Lumberjacks Found Apple Logo inside Sawn Birch Tree



Yesterday a group of Russian lumberjacks was very surprised to find something similar to Apple logo inside of the freshly sawn birch tree.


Of course it wasn’t exact match to Apple logo, and the first photo was later¬†photoshopped.




But original shots prove it to be very similar to an Apple shape, maybe without a famous apple bite, but still.1496110904179015770


It’s worth mentioning that the tree was growing near the 10 Kilovolt electric line, so electricity might be somehow to do with this formation inside a tree.



And this is how the iPhone would look like if company had the logo adopted.


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  1. And… If these lumbermen haven’t preserved that log and found a good veneer sawyer to cut micro-thin wafers of that strange thing, they are going to be so sorry…


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