Man Builds Bicycle Powered Mobile Home, Travels Across Siberia


This Russian man has built a bicycle powered mobile home.


The whole structure weights around 400 kg (900lbs).



Inside he has a bedroom and a

1495120502120642582 Also see the heat radiator he uses to warm the thing up.


He moves slowly but steadily.


His route normally lies from the river Lena to the river Angara – great Siberian rivers.


There is no police on these roads, the distances are huge and not much people live around. However in every village he stops there are plenty of curious locals.


And by the end of the route he turns his mobile house into a raft.


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  1. I would love to know more about this mans design. There is a Chinese man who has made a cycle powered Camper (as a trike) that is very interesting as well. These kinds of options interest me. have for many years.


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