Video of Mayday Parades in Moscow: 1945, 1918, 1932, 1935, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954

Since today is a Mayday let’s remember how it looked in Moscow in different years during early USSR times. The times when people were most optimistic and sure about their bright Socialistic future. And let’s start with a Mayday parade of 1945, just eight days before Germany capitulated.

Next one is Mayday 1918. First parade after Lenin takeover. First parade of Soviet Red Army.

Mayday parade 1932.

Mayday parade in Moscow 1935. First color film of the Mayday parade in USSR.

Mayday parade in 1950. Five years after WW2 has ended, three years before the death of Stalin.

Mayday parade in 1952. Has both ground and air parade view.

Mayday parade in 1953. The year Stalin died.

And a first parade without a Stalin in May 1st 1954. Look how Khruschev already taken his place on a Mausoleum.

Hope you liked this little selection, happy Mayday!

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