Newest S-400 Arrive to Protect Moscow from Sudden Attacks: Videos and Photos



New S-400 “Triumph” regiment started functioning near Moscow. In total this would be five new S-400 regiments formed recently near Moscow. Moscow is sort of very protected now from any missile threat. It covers whole central Russia. At first those S-400 were tested at a shooting range in Arkhangelsk region and now they arrived here. Let’s see cool photos of those S-400s up close and also some videos of them in action:


Four more S-400 regiments are expected to arrive in 2017. Those are the latest anti aircraft / missile things possible and some say the most advanced on the Earth. Russia doesn’t sell them to anyone.





They say the main purpose of those is to protect the centre of Russia but mostly the top generals, and top executives of Russian state. EVS_9371-1200


The soldiers are already trained to work with those new S-400s.EVS_9108-1200


They already hit tens of decoys with those.EVS_9121-1200


The training exercise is for example to shoot a group of evil MiG-29s who plan to attack Moscow.


Here is the video of the launch:



EVS_9251-1200 EVS_9277-1200


And another video of S-400s hitting air decoys:




EVS_9339-1200 EVS_9074-1200-2 EVS_9382-1200 EVS_9074-1200


Hope you liked those. They say S-500 and even S-600 are already being engineered and soon to be produced. Maybe at that time they would start selling S-400 to other countries.

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  1. Well! Ummmm…

    Nice truck.

    Would really like to know who you are defending ‘what’ from?

    Conquest of Russia? Ruling Russia?

    Ruling RUSSIANS?

    I’d rather try to kiss a herd of rabid cats.

    Dudes. Does “Last War” ring in your minds? Ever heard the word ‘paranoia’?

    NO ONE wants to take on the problems of Russia, even if you ALL had magnificent breasts, slim hips and the ability to lay golden eggs on command.

    You’re just as safe as France.

    Not worth the trouble, whatever the cost.

    • …”NO ONE wants to take on the problems of Russia…”. Really? According to the Pentagon and Western Press, they just can’t wait to attack Russia (and Russians). At least, that’s how they still justify a Military Budget 10 bigger than Russia’s. Now, that’s irrational paranoia.

      …”even if you ALL had magnificent breasts, slim hips and…”. Well, nobody’s to blame if you’re surrounded by self-centered whales with temper problems.

  2. Hey, dear boy soldiers, its not good to be out in the cold like that. Please stay indoors, play balalaika and dance with beautiful bears. Its much better, great fun and more Russian..

    • Balalaika? Bears? -LOL. No need… You watch too much ‘Boris Badanoff’ crap. Most of those boys have truly hot girlfriends to play with ‘indoors’. -That’s easy to see when you visit Russia.

  3. Dang! I expected to be Assaulted for my comment!

    I guess the part about “defending against an attack from MiG’s…” didn’t really resonate.

    • It didn’t. Russia only responds. NATO has been surrounding Russia and breaking Nuclear Treaties for 25 years, and Russians are not in panic whining mode, as the ‘West’ has been for a couple of paranoid years.

  4. Impressive truck, but it wont stop jihadi suicide maniacs who kill most Russians these days. Americans are least of your problem.


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