Soviet T-34 Tank Raised from the Bottom of the Don River




A team of enthusiasts has pulled out a real T-34 tank from the bottom of the Don river. It’s all started with a phone call: guy called and said that they found a WW2 tank on the river bottom! So the divers were sent first to make a video and confirm that the tank is indeed intact and the rescue operation can be performed. Then we have a few videos and photos on how it was..




Then they arrived to place where it was. Here how it looked – just a regular river shore.





So they took a truck, a long length metal cord and arrived to the place.8591041s-960


Divers went on the bottom and put the metal cords on the tank.cdd1041s-960


Then they called the local army and they sent  a couple of BRDM vehicles to help pull the tank out of the river.

Here is all is prepared on this video:


And here is the lifting operation starting. Little by little tank starts appearing:



And rescue team starts removing sand with water from the tank. They are still not sure if the crew was inside or not so they use water with high caution passing it all thru their palms so that not to loose any fragment of possible body or anything. Here is a video:


So, 74 years later, tank leaves its parking spot on the Don river bottom and appears ashore.





The manholes are open, it leaves little chance that people were inside when tank sank. b571041s-960


After inspecting the tank for a while they release the cords and tank goes back to its bottom, as they didn’t have a plan to raise it in just one day. Today was just an inspection.cff1041s-960


Next day it was an official operation of tank lifting. People were invited, banners were posted around.f149041s-960


And so they start moving it again.66c9041s-960


And here it comes. Wheels don’t rotate – probably the gear is locked.

Here is a video:








And those are tank ammo, that still is mounted on its body. It was passed to a team of sappers for an inspection.77e9041s-960


Here they inspect the ammo as it still can be explosive.e499041s-960


All the items from inside of the tank are being numbered and recorded.4859041s-960


After a few hours it becomes clear that there is no crew inside of the tank and everyone sighs with relief.  In general, it was confirmed to be a big luck to find a tank in such “good” condition as usually tanks in river are being blown up so that they don’t interfere with ships.81b9041s-960




And here is the tank already being shown to people at an exhibition. 8816841s-960


Later, probably it would be restored but now it stays like this.6959041s-480 34d9041s-960 c639041s-960


Also, you might wonder who will be the owner of the tank? According to the law, all Soviet tanks even abandoned, belong to the Ministry of the Defense. So Army would decide where it goes later.


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