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  1. It wasn’t German Nazi army as it is written below first picture. It was German Army. There were no other German Armies. ughh political correctness…

    • It’s not “political correctness”. At the time, it was Nazi Germany. There was no other. And if you had that kind of public disagreement with the ruling Nazis, you were thrown into a cellar to be tortured. Or shot.

      • You are wrong. There are documented cases when even German communists were arrested, and then released from Gestapo after finding that they were not actively doing anything against the regime.

        There was a case of Stepan Bandera, who was openly against Ukrainian nationalists cooperating with Germans, and he spent several years in a German prison, but in 1944 was released and then was shot by KGB agents in 1950s. He openly advocated for independence of Ukraine from Germany, which was against official Germany position, and he was not “thrown into a cellar or tortured”. He lived peacefully in Berlin even as the Ukrainian nationalists bearing his name fought Germans in Germany-occupied Ukraine.

        Use your own brain instead of repeating articles from 1965 Pravda newspapers.

        • …”There are documented cases when even German communists…”. Really? Name one. I can name some who were killed for simple dissent. Others were sent to Dachau and Auschwitz. Go ahead.

          Stepan Bandera wasn’t a Commie. He was a pronazi who collaborated in killing lots of ukranians (jewish, and others). He got what he gave to others. And Nazis too.

    • You are absolutely correct.

      Constantly saying “German Nazi” is the same as constantly saying “communist China” instead of just China (there is no other China but communist).
      Or the same as bolsheviks constantly say “tsarist Russia” or “tsarist government” even though there was no other Russia in that time as “tsarist”.

      The dimwits in Wikipedia always do that, read any of their stupid articles on history of communism in Russia – they keep repeating this “tsarist Russia” crap all the time.

      But this is not “political correctness”, this is much worse – this is distortion of history in the name of propaganda. It is designed to all the time remind you that it was not “real” Germany, it was different, bad Germany, and there is or supposed to be the other, good Germany, non-Nazi Germany, whereas in fact there was only one Germany, and it was Nazi.

      The absurdness of this is same as would be calling saying “capitalist USA” every time, or “monarchical UK” instead of just US or UK. It does not contradict reality, but it’s the same as would be saying “white President Lincoln” or “black President Obama” every time.

      • Seems, “Karlo” boy, you’re the one here confusing Nazis with Germans. Today’s Germans have nothing in common with carzy Racist (and failed) Nazis.

        It really was “bad Germany”. But if you think that starting wars (based on Racism) against most of the planet, well that speaks volumes mostly about you, not about your deranged racist hatred against everybody else.

        Germans learned the lesson and ditched crazy Nazi losers –and without blaming someone else for their own mistakes.

      • The “dimwits in Wikipedia” are correct, little “Karlo”. Nazi Germany was a totally different thing from Imperial Germany, from what followed later, and from today’s unified Federal Germany.

        Your dear Nazis were crushed and totally rejected by the Germans themselves, ‘only’ 70 years ago. Both are pretty different things now. You didn’t know?

        In the same way, the Soviet Union wasn’t only ‘Russia’. It was also Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, etc., etc… The Soviets have also been gone for decades.

        Now, go and take your meds, little resented “Karlo” child. They will temper your own backward racist absurdness.

  2. Somehow nobody notices that in the 20 years of glorious Soviet power preceding the war, the roads in Russia not only got better than in the 19th century (like they did in Germany, United States, etc) but possibly even got worse. And this is at the same time that every Soviet textbook praises the so-called Stalin’s “industrialization” for ten-digit percent per year economic growth.

    This and other photos tell a different story: in the years preceding the war, Soviets murdered and starved to death millions of Soviet citizens, giving nothing in return. Same 10-feet deep mud on all roads as there was 50 years before that.

    • Of course, paranoid Stalin killed millions of Soviets previously in the totalitarian USSR. At the time, Nazi Germany was the ONLY Totalitarian Regime starting wars and killing much more millions, based on Racism.

      Go ahead, pick the monster you “like”.

    • It looks “Karlo” boy, that you’re mising how the “glorious Soviet power” obliterated and beated to dust your beloved Racist Nazis. That’s what the Soviet industrialization did in the end –and saved your own “inferior” slavic family from Nazi extermination.

      In short, you are a contradicting racist joke.

  3. Robust argument regarding ideologies is fine, but making such an argument personal shows a lack of conviction and a loss of logical reasoning.
    I come here for the comments from everyone because I know very little about Russia or its people.
    Personal attacks in the comments don’t help or appeal to anyone.

    • When a deranged, Racist dimwit spits on the graves of millions, he deserves more than “personal attacks”, trust me.

      A deluded, sick guy like that only reveals his troubled nature with everybody else.

  4. Can’t wait for the day when the russians finally learn that nazi =/= german… Yes, there was a “nazi army”, the SS, where you had to be a real nazi to join. But the wehrmacht mostly consisted just soldiers.

    It’s like saying that in the red army every single soldier was a communist party member, which is very unlikely.

    • …”when the russians finally learn that nazi =/= german…”. –LOL. No. Most Russians don’t have that problem. But many racist, wannabe “Nazi” kids from Redneck USA; or unemployed, EuroTrash boys have that problem. They still confuse Nazis with modern Germans, ignoring the 70 years that have passed since the real (and failed) Nazis were ditched and totally rejected in Germany.


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