Secrets of the Moscow Subway


Moscow subway was formerly named in honor of Lazar Kaganovich, and then received the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, in addition to the military, defense and related national security secrets and secrets that need to be discussed separately, since the design it is associated with a number of mystical secrets …

One of the biggest mysteries of the Moscow subway is a so-called “Subway 2” or as it is indicated in the official government documents object “D-6”.

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The crowd gasped when they did it …

The crowd gasped when they did it ...

The Chinese are very fond of status. How you dress, in which restaurant you eat, in which hotel you live, what brand of car you use, even the number of the vehicle is important – a certain combination of numbers and letters emphasize the importance of a citizen. And as if the citizen is also a pilot of a military aircraft, the worship of the common people in front of him certainly will be. Well, if the pilot is flying as part of the pilot group, then he is a king and god for them – they will carry him on hands and will be lining up to make a selfie with a pilot.

On the past salon, Sergei Bogdan was almost torn, so this time for the safety of the pilots they were taken by bus from the chalet to the aircraft, passing crowd.

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Orenburg down yoga pants conquering Internet

Orenburg down yoga pants conquering Internet

As it might seem at first glance, Orenburg downy footless tights  – this is another online fake, which many people considered as an active winter novelty and wanted to get in stores. In practice Orenburg footless tights turned to be real, actively traded on Ebay – where they are called “Leggins / pants Longhair 100% Goat Down Russian Cashmere Mohair FETISH men woman”. Product price starts from $ 55.

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