6 thoughts on “Soviet army in Afghanistan”

  1. Sad times. Taking on a native population is often sheer folly. The Germans learned that, the USA learned it and so did the USSR.

  2. In Russia no one can learned from past. Tsar, Soviets and again Putin the great.every time thy took wrong steps and obviously has gained big ugly FAIL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! today Putin the great again SOMETHING doing in Syria.God bless mother RUSSIA ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • @monosodiumglutamate
      Don’t worry about the Russians. They have lived much worse times that these, and always recover. You should worry about your head-chopping, “moderate” terrorist friends.

      At least, that’s what your State Department is doing –with your taxes, of course.

  3. US had Viet Nam, you guys had Afghanistan. Either way, it sucked for the guys in the field. Politicians need to spend time in uniform before they should be allowed to send troops into harms way.

  4. Its a pitty that the west did not see the necessity to fight the islamists together with the sovjets. As a result those barbarians where supported with money and weapons. The situation is now that half europe is in danger.

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