Underwater Leaders. What Is Lenin, Stalin and Dzerzhinsky Doing at the Bottom of the Black Sea?


At Cape Tarhankut in Crimea, a hundred meters from the shore, there is an unusual museum – an underwater analogue of Moscow “Muzeon”. In 1992, a diver Vladimir Borumensky found at a depth of 12-15 meters the first sculptures of the Soviet leaders, that had already been dismantled in the Crimean cities and towns. Then busts of Lenin, Marx and Voroshilov settled here. Borumensky planed his venture in a big way and wanted to bring Mao, Mussolini, and Napoleon to the Soviet pantheon.

The Emperor has not appeared on the original Walk of Fame, but divers from all over Ukraine started to complement the collection of Soviet leaders. Today in the underwater Museum there are several dozens of exhibits, from Stalin and Dzerzhinsky to Gorky and Gagarin. There is a department of writers, there is Lenin leading the boy by the hand, and the other rare sculptures that do not fit in the traditional Soviet canon.

Pink Gagarin


Vladimir Lenin


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Stalin and some local fauna7cb62a2dd1fcaef0862f3debd2d8636b

Leader in a scuba-geara7b3a09e3958bb632d54b3978a326502

Yesenin. Classics of literature constitute a separate “room”, a little away from the Soviet celestials.01f04e0d12d438b10c460e6ab85cbd10

Lying Lenin 2adf03e28d21b288c063f74e93391686

It is easy to notice, clearing busts of leaders from the irreverent algae and polyps happens not regularly.5ae9cd4dd623bfc8be3257b9e86c7334

Campaigning for fish.658dc546fa457a45ec78205d42b9305a

Granite Felix Dzerzhinskydaa4eb4307e83394e5da1bc0ad8b5e4a

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  1. These statues are no doubt waiting for Mr. Putin to have another scuba diving session and to bring some of them to the surface. Then the Russian TV will explain that Mr. Putin thanks to his superhuman abilities found another archaeological treasure for the whole mankind to cherish.

    • Relax, “Karlo” Boy. In your weird planet and time dimension, Stalin still rules you in the Soviet Union; so we know you must be a bit upset.


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