17 thoughts on “Photos Made by German Occupants in WW2 Russia”

  1. What is astonishing, in all these photos, there is no trace of any progress supposedly made in the quality of life of Soviet citizens. We were always taught in school how dramatically their life changed between the Revolution and the War.

    These people leave exactly how they lived in the 19th century. Not even how they lived in the 20th century, because in 1920-30s the criminal Soviet government robbed them of everything which was achieved in 1900-1917, and the country was thrown decades back.

    • …”there is no trace of any progress supposedly made…”. –Of course, “Karlo” boy. These people weren’t the majority, even then.

      The Soviet Union was only 18 years old. Small time to industrializae a huge country, which had lived even worse for centuries with your Tsars. But that’s what the Soviets did.

      Ask your crushed Nazi pals about it. -LOL.

      • What do the living conditions in the village have to do with industrialization? Why did peasants before 1917 live so much better than in these photos? And what does it have to do with majority? There was no industrialization in Great Britain or the US. Farmers in the US live exactly as they lived 100 years ago, often in exactly the same 100-year old houses.
        Every village in the German photos look the same, like the time had stopped for 50 years.
        Nazis are you pals, because they did the same that Stalin did, killed Soviet citizens. But Stalin was much better at this, he killed much more Soviet people than the Nazis did.

        • …”Every village in the German photos…”. Many villages, aome few pictures taken by Nazi invaders… I guess you ignore what happened in the cities. Like Leningrad, or Stalingrad -among many others in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia… . They don’t exist in your strange, deluded dimension, “Karlo” boy. That’s for sure.

  2. Hitler was an idiot. If he’d agreed to give Russia independence in case of victory and allowed Russians to form their real own army to fight the communists, he would have won the war.

    • Of course your Adolf was a deranged idiot, little “Karlo”. He attacked the Soviet Union because he wanted a lot of “vital space” –without all the “inferior” slavic people (like you) in it, of course… What followed was a very nice Genocide.

      Soon later, your Adolf had to poison his wife and blow his brains out, in total humiliation. And the USSR came out as a World Superpower, with its people living better than never before, for decades… You didn’t know?

      Bad Gamble!

      • No, he attacked the Soviet Union because he had no choice, or the USSR had would have attacked him.

        Speaking of Hitler’s suicide, numerous honorable officers “blew their brains out” in a similar circumstances. One of the examples was General Samsonov in 1914 who shot himself after his army was defeated in East Prussia.

        Soviet officers never did that because in the USSR the idea of honor was ridiculed. An honor in the USSR would be to kill as many unarmed enemies as you can, preferably in the back, and then throw their bodies in some garbage damps. Until today, the Soviet/Russian government did not bother to spend a rouble to find and bury all the fallen Soviet soldiers whose bodies lie all over the Russian forests, no, they better spend the money on the generals and Presidents palaces.

        So of course Stalin would have never shot himself, if Hitler had won, Stalin would crawl around on his knees begging for mercy. That’s why he threw million after million of the Soviet citizens to a slaughter. He would have thrown them until the last one died, just to save his own criminal butt.

        It’s amazing how brainwashed somebody could be to believe that an officer killing himself after a defeat is “humiliated”. On the opposite, the one who doesn’t kill himself is humiliated.

        • The reasons to attack the Soviet Union (and wipe out most of Slavs, like you), are in your beloved Führer’s book, no less, “Karlo” Boy. Also in Himmler’s speeches and conferences, most of then recorded and kept by his own orders. And then he had to kill himself, too…

          You see, a lot of people kill themselves when they are totally humilated in defeat (that was not the case of victorious Soviets. They WON, remember?). But very few poison their wives in their wedding day!


          Yes, you’re deusional now, little “Karlo”. Now, cry somwe more…


        • …”Stalin would have never shot himself, if Hitler…”. (?) Oh, Eva knows! Ask her! Hahah!!

          You can fantasize all you want, little “Karlo”. What else can you write here? So, relax. You have 70 MORE years to imagine more delusions and keep crying in horribe, “superior” pain.


    • Yes Papa Karlo… Because Hitler was always thinking about that… “If he’d agreed to give Russia independence in case of victory and allowed Russians to form their real own army to fight the communists, he would have won the war.”
      What the fuck are you smoking? He saw the Soviet people as an inferior race worth wiping from the surface of the Earth… Didn’t you study history??? You can read on that everywhere you dumbass…


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