1 thought on “Elite Foods of the USSR”

  1. “Canned fish”: left to right, top to bottom

    3. Beef, stewed, highest sort (good old tushonka).

    8. Tourist’s breakfast, pork. (better than luncheon meat, worse than tushonka) *and not the more usual “Tourist’s breakfast” variety, which is beef/pork/mutton with rice/buckwheat/pearl barley.

    6. Sausage mince (lyubitelsky – for a fancier). Lower quality meat cuts, more fat, more kitchen herbs, starch.

    5. Liver pate.

    7. Pork tongue(in it’s own juices).

    not shown:

    4. Pork tushonka
    9. Goulash (no paprika at all)
    10. Meat in white sauce

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