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  1. It was 2 months ago. Some background :

    “This Gypsy camp was repeatedly noticed in the drug trade. Work was carried out. And there are detainees. Hashish, heroin is a standard subject,” said the legislator, founder of the public movement against drug abuse and alcoholism “Antikiller”.

    Meanwhile, the President of the Federal national-cultural autonomy of Russian Gypsies Nadezhda Demeter rejected the accusations. “I can answer my own head, in the village of Plekhanovo in Tula, no one sells drugs. Moreover, this group never engaged in any illegal acts. Well, maybe there was just a little guy, but to sell drugs — no,” she said.

    On March 15 residents Plekhanovo disconnected from the gas supply to prevent a hazardous situation due to the ingress of water into the system according to one of unauthorized taps into the pipelines. Same day repairs began. March 16, locals (according to some sources, there were about 300) were to impede the repair, threw stones at gas company workers and their equipment, as well as in law enforcement.

    On Thursday, 17 March, the situation in the village, where about two thousand Roma, is under control. There are about 500 police officers. Four people were taken to the regional Department of internal Affairs, they were made up administrative protocols. Gas consumption (total, according to the interior Ministry, no fuel was 700 houses) restored. Specialists carry out the dismantling of more than a dozen illegal taps. It turned out that over 120 constructions of the Roma in Plekhanovo are a squatter and subject to demolition.

    • Roma is the capital of Italy. These guys are called Gypsies or Tsygane in Russian and all other Slavic languages.

      By the way, Roma in Gypsy language means “people” which implies that every other nationality is not people. This is pure racism and hatred.

      • Rome is in itally. Roma is the plural of the word Rom. And this is how they call themselves. It means man or woman. Look for it. They are also called Tsygane and other names as Melele

    • Settling and building illegally, without any permission (and “for free”), and refusing to pay their gas bills.

    • Their crime was being Gypsies ,nothing more! they did not fit into the Russian ideal or Russian purity like the Jews of WW2 Hitler done the same thing, they have no country of their own and are classified as Roamers but when they settle some arsehole will more them on.

      • Really? Seems you have a nice imagination. Try to “settle” -illegally- in whatever city you want without any permission, and also use the utilities without paying a dime to anybody. Let us know how you can get away with it, and for how long.

        • Dear Willy I think you play with it too much, Where did you get your information from ? off the back of a toilet door?

          • ” off the back of a toilet…”. LOLZ I’m not interested in your (baseless) imagination, “Dear Alfred”.

            –“Roma Clash With Riot Police Over Access To Gas” –SkyNews, John Sparks, Moscow Correspondent, Thursday 17 March 2016

            You see, “Alfred” I have no problem backing up everything I post here. What about you? Where did you get your information from? Please let us know. Hurry!

            “Dear Willy I think you play with it too much…”. Hahah!

      • We have gypsies in our country too, they dont want to work, they only milk our social system by making more and more kids which results that thay gain state money for that and those kids steal like crazy, 14 years gipsy girls are already pregnant.. they are like rats, everybody hates them. They dont deseve any money from us, but politicians give them more and more.

        • yeah, generalizing of the Roma population really helps. There are a lot of Roma people who are living normally and working. You racist bastard.

  2. Why are they condidered Gypsies if they are settled in houses? I don’t know why the place was destroyed, but it seems to me quite barbaric. Human rights Russian style in action?

    • In Romania and Moldova there are hundreds of small Gypsie “țigani” villages where they live in small houses, I don’t think that living in houses make them less Gypsies. They are called tsigans people, Gypsies is just the popular word used for them. When I visit my wife’s family in Romania we drive through some of those villages on the way from Bucharest to Buzau where they live, a lot of them are settled down but Romanian still call them țigani (Gypsies)

    • No. Gypsy style of “settling” illegally and using gas without paying to anybody. Try to do that wherever you live.

    • Gypsy is an ethnicity, no matter where they live. I had Gypsy neighbours in an apartment building where I lived.
      In Russia, there is no affirmative action, or ethnic minorities, etc., every nation or ethnicity is equal with regards to law. They built their houses illegally, which is why it was destroyed after many years of warnings. Has nothing to do with human rights, nobody has a right to violate the law.

      If ethnic Russians built a whole village illegally, it would be destroyed the same way, and rightly so. But ethnic Russians do not violate law on such massive scale, whereas Gypsies do.

      Many law-abiding Gypsies live legally, and nobody touches them. Those never live in such villages, because they go where a job gets them to go. But most of them get by exclusively by illegal activities, that’s why they live in villages. Every single one of them in these pictures violated one or another law (except for kids, of course).

  3. I heard they have hooked to gas pipelines LONG ago, and when workers came to cut off illegal connection to the gas network, they started their little riot.

    • And also their houses were all built illegally. If they wanted to pay their gas, they had to turn their houses legal first. And seems they didn’t want to…

    • Little riot? They violently attacked the utility workers and almost killed them. The police had to send a SWAT team to be able to disconnect the gas.

    • Don’t brake the law, pay your bills and you will be respected. Wherever you happen to live in this world.

  4. Some queries and comments:
    (1) Why?
    (2) Why are there some many women in the photos, and so few men?
    (3) In the final photo, that women in the green T-shirt has beautiful breasts.

    • (2) This is a common and usual tactics, to put women and children in front, so that it looks more pitiful.
      Same way as they have some Orthodox Christian icons there, Gypsies have nothing to do with Christianity, but use it when they find it profitable.
      (3) Some Gypsy women are remarkably beautiful, and a lot of classical Russian literature involves affairs of Russian aristocrats with beautiful Gypsy girls.
      But many of them are ugly, especially older ones.

  5. That’s just awful. Where are these people supposed to live now? Why were their homes destroyed? The picture of the old lady on her knees broke my heart 🙁

  6. Destroy them. Track down every one of these cops and burn their houses down. Take a poker and burn Nazi symbols in the forehead. Ruin their lives. Lock the ones who fight back up with Putin in a Gulag and forget about them.

    • Your opinion is understandable if you “settle” ilegally wherever you want, cheat taxes and don’t pay all the utility bills, for years.
      Your Mob Boss will understand, I’m sure,.

  7. houses were built without any permission of any zoning or standards or taxes etc so are not legal. gas and utilities are being stolen. warnings are given to comply or action will be taken. no one wishes to comply so this is result. what else can be done? don’t feel sorry for poor gypsy it is they that live outside the normal system that everyone else must abide by. otherwise i can build and do anything i want right next to you no matter how obnoxious it may be and you have no rights. we all live by the rule of law for each others good. when you don’t respect that rule this is what will happen.

  8. Why Why Why
    1 They build illegal on someone land, if i come on your property and start building what would you say? .
    2 if you never had that kind of neighbors you’ll never understand.
    3 If you are a parasite you pretend you don’t understand.

    • alex, exactly right. they live outside the law and refuse to be bound by the law. they get exactly what they deserve. why so many people don;t seem to understand is troubling. like here where many want free living without doing any work. parasite is right.

  9. This is how the Gypsy criminal needs to be treated. In the East of Europe, where the law abiding Europeans live, they know that this is the only way to deal with the criminal (Gypsy) element. In Western Europe, even Central Europe, and of course the U.S. where I live, the vast majority of people don’t know how to deal with these sorts of people. They don’t understand that they are bred to be liars, pickpockets and thieves, and in most cases gypsy populations have around an 80 (EIGHTY!!!!) percent unemployment rate, and about a 50% literacy rate… Sadly enough, here in the States, most Americans would think that I was talking about the law abiding White European citizens from the country of Romania if I was to start talking about the large Roma and Sinti Gypsy populations that plague Eastern Europe.

    The world should be made aware of this menace.. this foreign menace that comes from India.

  10. What about the illiterate people of the UNITED STATES the most war mongering country on earth and all in the name of peace and love of the great God the US dollar, ask Bush how a war helped fill his bank account and all the other nations robbed and killed by this God

    • My wife is Romanian, they hate gypsies so much, it’s not even comparable to what I see in France. My wife tell me it was even worst back in the days with the Ceausescu’s… now with the EU they are protected and have more rights…

  11. The problem for Americans is that we know nothing of what life is really like in Russia. Americans used to wonder why the Russian people put up with the way the Soviets treated them. After some years, I figured out that life under the Soviets was better than life under the Tsars, and kept getting better all the time. So we Americans just have to remember that we don’t know what is going on in these images, and even when it is explained it has no connection with the way Americans do things.

  12. Russia is obliged to comply with international norms, the Charter of Human Rights. Russia has been tolerant of the Roma community so far, but what makes her now to show human rights, I myself can not understand. Russia must find the best way of resolving the crisis, not lead to the ethnic conflict, in favor of the Roma victims.
    Prime Minister in International Roma Union / Ilia Petrov /

    • The problem is not what people are, but what they do.
      Once you think about this simple point, you can solve this ‘crisis’.

      You can’t ask for the protection of “international norms”, if you break most of them in a daily basis.

  13. Anybody feeling even remotely sorry for them, can hop to Eastern Slovakia and check for themselves what a “lovely bunch of people” they are & see for yourself that even with the best efforts in the world & millions invested it is a loosing battle.

    And if you feel so strongly about it & are still not still convinced, just take a familly in at your home for just a month & we’ll have a great laugh.

  14. Let me remind you that France, one of the founders of EU drove away 100 000 gypsies as they were trying to settle in their country few years ago. I guess that they had right to do that because they are French, not Russians.

    • You are comparing EU immigration laws to Russian police destroying a gypsie village… Could you please make your point when your point and explain a little? BTW when you talk about EU immigration you could also point out that Great Britain are a lot more strict on immigration enforcement and expulsions of people. It start at Calais before the immigrants can cross the english channel to Dover… They use dogs, Police squads to go through all the trucks and boats. x-rays scanners and thermal scanners to monitor the truck trailers for illegals.

          • They tried to enter LEGALLY because they were citizens of Bulgaria and Romania meaning that they didn’t needed visa…. it was disgrace for France and it was contrary to EU policy, but i guess it’s ok because they are French, not Russians.

  15. Petar, it is absolutly untrue : France never expelled 100K roms . The very few that have been sent back, were because they lied on their applications or were criminals.

    France, because of Socialist President Francois Hollande, actually wanted to take over 40,000 Roms in. It was an utter disaster : it costs a fortune, they break the structures/places made available to them, don’t go to the schools that offer them place and cause countless crime etc…etc …

    Sorry, maybe they are not all bad, but after seeing them in France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romanian & Hungary, I can not really blame the Russians for taking action…

    • I couldn’t agree more in your last sentence. However, what France did was contrary to EU police at the time. Read for yourself if you don’t believe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expulsion_of_Romani_people_from_France
      Sorry, i made mistake not 100 000 but 10 000 people.

    • I couldn’t agree more in your last sentence. However, : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expulsion_of_Romani_people_from_France
      Sorry, i made mistake not 100 000 but 10 000 people.

  16. I do not understand what has French policy towards foreign persons of Gypsy origin, in comparison with Russia. This is not for outsiders (migrants) and for its own people, not dependent on ethnic origin. There is no room for comparison.

  17. It is problem when Russia do something like this, but it’s not problem if it was France?

  18. Yes, you may be entitled to your opinion, but it is not completed by me.My opinion is different for Gypsies in those of you countries . All negatives have accumulated over time and is now very difficult to overcome. Have thought the ruling of the countries that will come a time, not just to use the Roma for their political goals and games-as buy them at election time and then only Roma are interested in. Tpva not Integration and manipulation and one more thing: Who drain EU funds for Roma development so that no policy can not be reduced to Roma here’s guilt, now their cake and eat you yourself have crushed . Build a semi illiterate society with one purpose, to have someone to manipulate and have on whom to apply their political experiments.

  19. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with similar Roma’s. Your description: “The Gypsy population tried to use their most valued religious artifacts to stop the police but it didn’t help” Is naive at best, with deception at it’s heart. Romai have many religions and artifacts that support their way of life.
    They have one that is begun as soon as they learn to walk. A knife in the back if their victims do not submit. They are not as brave a cut throat Muslims, they’ll go after the children if they feel insulted. Insulted because the victims told them to get a fucking job!

  20. The Roma people came from India long ago. For the most part Roma people never were welcome for one reason . Crime was associated with them all the time. Like it or not but no one can recall Gypsy Nobel prize nomenee. Have we enjoyed Gypsy singers in Russia? Sure Nikolai Slichenko – Leo Brezhnev’s favorite. Let them move to EU regions. Roma never asked Est Slavs if they Roma people welcome and no one forced Roma people moved to Europe. Now a lot them infected with HIV as a well tuberculosis due to neglected life style. One thing about them … you can’t put leash on them

  21. Reality what more effect me is little child Pic in Page/6 she mostly don’t understand what’s going on .
    I really don’t know what exactly the issue of gypsy on Europe . but all I know they never got equal chance . regarding they living there since hundreds of years but the society not accepts them because they looks different .
    For all who talking about respecting the law , what you want from people who’s has nothing , they can’t get jobs they can’t go to school/college every door are blocked for them . what left they becomes thief drug deals to survive .
    I know most of people won’t understands this until they facing same situation .
    BTW I worked on social service for a while and I know what’s I talking about this things are real .

    • Salem, in my country, gypsies have all the rights as the rest of the people. Problem is they don’t want to work! They would rather begging for money, and they bring children and teach them to begging, than working hard to improve their situation. In rich countries such as Denmark, they abuse system and use social benefits of the country, and bragging how they deceived the system! Respect to all honorable gypsies, but it is really hard to help someone who expect that everything should be served on a plate!

  22. Well, I am from Czechia, halfway from East to West Europe. (Not only in a geographical sense.) Now retired and having a lot of experience both with the Roma/Gypsies here in Czechia (30 years ago I was a head of a mixed factory workteam incorporating couple of them) and with a business abroad (in such a country like India), I can only say that the issue is not an ethnic or racial one but it is purely the trouble growing from a social basis. And I am addressing this especially to the readers in the US: Compare the story to similar stories that happen to what you call “White Trash” and consider the reasons of their particular life situations. At least, you cannot generalize.

  23. Yes, I agree with comments. The problem is primarily a social basis. There are no targeted policies / realistic / not hollow in order to manipulate the Roma. The new political class is caught in the small Roma and has no intention to socialize because this is socialized that he alone determines the policy to be followed or determined.

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