What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

Russian mind has been haunted by the Moon in all times. Last century it was one of the most significant Soviet missions – to reach the natural satellite of the Earth and explore it. And the country succeeded.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

The other side of the Moon.

We always see only one side of the Moon, so quite naturally people were guessing what was there on the other side. They went rather far in their imagination and could go even further if the Soviet automatic interplanetary station “Moon 3” didn’t present the photos of the hidden side on October 7th, 1959.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

Those photos served as a basis for creation of a detailed Moon map, it was finally made by three Soviet astronomic institutions as well as the globe of the satellite with its hidden side.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?


Russians have managed to bring a lot of soil samples from the Moon (regolith). It consists of debris and dust that emerged as a result of meteorites falling, mixing and sintering of lunar rocks.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

Scientists were hoping to find microorganisms and elementary particles in regolith, but, unfortunately, it still remains unclear if the Moon has life.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?


The first state symbols that appeared on another planet were Soviet. They were brought to the Moon on September 14th, 1959 by automatic interplanetary station “Moon-2”. The station left some pennons on the Moon – metal pentagons with an image of the emblem of the USSR. The following day Khruschev gave a precise replica of the pennon to American president Eisenhower.

Automatic interplanetary station “Moon-9” softly landed on the Moon on February 3rd, 1966 and left a pennon there too – a triangular metal plate with an emblem of the USSR in the corner and inscription at the bottom – “The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics”.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

Communist Turtles.

The first living beings, which were given a chance to see the Earth’s sunrise from the Moon, were turtles called “communist” by “Discovery News”. A couple of Central Asian tortoises flew around the Moon on a Soviet spaceship “Zond-5” during the expedition of September, 1968.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

The unmanned spacecraft returned to the Earth and splashed down in the Indian Ocean, the “crew” was successfully saved by the Russians.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?


American presence on the Moon is still questioned, but presence of Soviet Lunokhods (Moonwalkers) there is undoubted.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

On November 17th, 1970 station “Moon-17” successfully landed in the Sea of Showers and “Lunokhod-1” wheeled down on the lunar soil. During the time it was on the Moon, it overcame 10 540 meters, transferred 211 lunar panoramas to the Earth and 25 thousand photographs. The maximum speed of the moonwalker was 2 km/h. The general duration of active existence of Lunokhod was 301 days, 06 hours, 37 minutes. It got 24820 radio commands from the Earth. Connection with the station was finally lost on September 30th, all further attempts to contact the moonwalker failed.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

In April 2010 a group of American scientists from the University of California (San Diego) informed that for the first time since 1971 they managed to receive the reflection of the laser ray from the reflector of “Lunokhod-1”.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?


In 1976 Soviet “Luna-24” delivered lunar soil from the depth of 2 meters to our planet. It contained much water. Interesting enough, that NASA didn’t find water in the same samples – they explained that the containers weren’t hermetic and allegedly that water came from the Earth, not the Moon. This way or another, but Soviet scientists did found water on the Moon and this fact is admitted by the Russian community.

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

Foresight of Tsiolkovsky.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was a self-taught person. As a child he was hard of hearing and for this very reason felt isolated from other peers. He spent much time reading books, they became his best friends. Tsiolkovsky was remoted from the scientific environment and most of his doscoveries were made intuitively. In 1893 a magazine “Around the World” published his story “On the Moon” where he foresaw those physical penomena that would be proved by people almost a century after.


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  1. Best check your facts. The Russians never landed on the moon. They never succeeded in landing any manned missions and had much difficulty in even getting a probe to go there.

  2. Wow…what a bunch of Soviet bullshit. US presence on the moon still questioned yet Soviet presence is not? what a crock of shit.

    • …”US presence on the moon still questioned…”. Mostly by looney Americans themselves! The same crazy bunch who “believe” that Climate Change doesn’t exist, that the science behind Evolution is a “myth”, and who also “believe” that Dinosaurs and Mankind were “created” in the same day.

    • “what a bunch of Soviet bullshit….”. LOL. The Soviets never questioned the Moon Landings. Only American nutjobs do that.

      • Actually, the French started it, then some moron made the movie Capricorn One. Then that’s about the time conspiracy theories started.

  3. American presence on the Moon is still 100% proven. As is every one of your probe landing sites!!! Its called the LROC Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter….

  4. “American presence on the Moon is still questioned, but presence of Soviet Lunokhods (Moonwalkers) there is undoubted.”

    Yeah, ok…..

  5. “American presence on the Moon is still questioned, but presence of Soviet Lunokhods (Moonwalkers) there is undoubted.”

    Ha! What a joke! Every Soviet kid knows, that Lunokhods were just toys which were sold in the Soviet stores (I had one when I was a kid), and have nothing to do with the Moon.

  6. “American presence on the Moon is still questioned, but presence of Soviet Lunokhods (Moonwalkers) there is undoubted.”

    For my Russian friends, if you ever dispute America’s landing on the moon, please do not have a conversation with “Buzz” Aldrin, the 2nd man on the moon behind Neil Armstrong. He takes people saying we didn’t land on the moon VERY seriously 😉
    Congrats to the Russian people though, on being the first in space, and landing craft on the moon.

    • Russians/Soviets never doubted the awesome Apollo moon landings. They even sent a Soyuz craft to dock in orbit with the last Apollo mission, as a sign of recognition and friendshiop (at least, in space).

      But some uneducated fat rednecks from the U.S. “think” that the Apollo missions were “fake”… in every space they get. And very loudly.

      • It was us “fat rednecks” who put man on the moon. Werner Von Brauns home office was right here in Huntsville Alabama where 80% of all current manned and unmanned missions originate from. Almost all of NASAs directors have come from Marshall Space Flight Center. But I digress, I will say this, considering that from my office window which has a great view of the RD-180 we tested in 1998 here. I would say that the current Russian Space Program hinges on cooperation with us “fat rednecks”. I showed this to my counterpart a “fat Russian redneck”. He called you a “Putin Moscovite” which he said is similar to being a fat redneck. Lol! Yes, I work for NASA 😌

        • Hell yeah Scout19K, Im a Tour Guide out at KSC for a private company. Well said my friend hehe!!!! Give them damn dirty Ruskies whet fer!!!

          • Haha!! “Fat rednecks” did nothing. Even today, they are still believing that Darwin is a kind of demon, and many are still dreaming with lynching and enslaving their black people all over again! They seem to be stuck in the XIX Century… That’s why this crazy bunch don’t believe the Moon Landings could happen. Fun to watch.

            …”Give them damn dirty Ruskies whet fer!….”. LOLZ

        • …”It was us “fat rednecks” who put man on the moon….”. No. Smart Americans and Germans did that, so relax… The Soviets/Russians were the first to confirm the American Moon Landing in 1969.

          But the Redneck Conspiracy Fat Nuthobs are the first to ignore and forget great achievements, and “believe” easily all kinds of unsupported crap. If you are one, that’s your funny problem.
          Good luck with that!

  7. Jesus, this website has beautiful photo essays and the frequency of new content makes me visit here often, BUT the delusional level of patriotism stinks up the whole place to the point where it ruins entire presentations. I can handle small jabs at the US here and there, and the glorification of the mediocrity of Russia, but false claims and misinformation is where this website loses all respect.

    • Yes. The suggested “doubt” about the NASA’s manned moonlandings is a mistake by ER. The moonlandings still are a remarkable feat in human history. As well as the success of Gagarin, Tereshkova and the Sputnik. Possibly this site gave in to the loud claims of some schyzoid, screaming americans who claim almost everything is “fake”.

      About the “glorification of mediocrity”, seems you have never watched FOX “News”.

  8. The Soviets/Russians never questioned the Moon Landings at the time, or the Apollo Program’s historic success. Only some freak Americans have that funny “doubt” about their own remarkable achievement.

    Why they are so crazy? Well, that’s the really interesting question.

    • LOL. The Soviets (that mneans, your “Russians”) didn’t put a man on the Moon, but sent unmanned probes and orbited it many times. Don’t worry so much. They confirmed Apollo’s success story. Armstrong and Gagarin have their place safe in Human History, despite your strange emotions about this.

  9. The Moon Landings were fake, and yes, almighty God created us with the dinosaurs, but WE were saved in the Flood! What is wrong with you people??

  10. “American presence on the Moon is still questioned”

    Not sure what you mean by this. We’ve landed men on the moon 6 times.

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