5 thoughts on “Gagarin Birthday Today”

  1. If only traitor gorbachev died that day instead of this great man. CCCP today would be enormous and successful world power with high living standard and beacon for the half of the world. Gorbachev will surely rot in hell for his sabotage.

  2. You will rot in hell for saying shit like that. It’s Yeltsin that was the problem with his corruption and with Putin giving him pardon for all the crimes he commited none of that crap can be prosecuted now… Putin is one the richest man in the world now and he can do whatever he want’s all that because you little puppets are brainwashed to believe what you are told to believe by the Russian Government.

    • I guess Russians are far more intelligent than that. Underestimating them has always been the biggest mistake of their enemies.

      Probably that’s why some old pictures of a smiling Gagarin are still “controversial” to many.

  3. He was brave enough to ride the rocket, and clever enough to eject before landing. Sadly the old Soviet Union was dishonest enough to claim that he made a complete orbit, when he was a bit short, and claimed that he landed inside the spacecraft, so he would qualify for a particular ‘first to achieve orbit’ record. Those lies tainted what was certainly achievement enough. Gagarin was a good man at heart, perhaps among the best of men, and the lies rankled someplace within him. and he took to drink. A sad story.

    • You have a great imagination for short stories. Don’t repress yourself. You should write some more detailed fantasies. It’s fun!

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