10 Forgotten Station Silently Waiting For Signals

Forgotten Station Silently Waiting For Signals

Numerous non-functioning antennas are located not so far from Anadyr in the north of Russia. Troposphere communication station "Yukon" and a local civil TV center used to function there too. Due to army reduction and development of satellite means of communication the demand in the costly
station finally declined and in 2003 it was closed. The TV center was closed ten years later. The station does not receive any signals today and its rusty discs sadly stare at the sky. Check out how the station, that still has much equipment inside, looks like today.

10 Abandoned Storm Factory of the Crimea

Abandoned Storm Factory of the Crimea

This object built in the Soviet time in the Crimea resembles a huge glass, but water is not poured inside but in between the glass walls. On top are big storm creating fans. On the bottom of that glass is a tower. It's like a small water collider -
thought by many as strange and unnecessary, wrapped in mysteries, real and fake stories, some even believed in dolphins swimming between those glass walls. But what is this object really for? Why was it built? Let's check this out.

8 Russian Airborne Wedding

Russian Airborne Wedding

We've seen plenty of unusual weddings here. They are always interesting to see. Here's another one. This time it's all about the Russian sky army! Perhaps,
the groom is serving in airborne forces and wants his bride to be a part of his reality. Quite a good idea - no need to buy a wedding suit...

4 Vintage MS-1 Tank Made from Snow

Vintage MS-1 Tank Made from Snow

Someone in Perm city has built a tank made of snow at museum entrance in Perm city Russia. It went out pretty well, especially at night with good light
projected on it. Here you can see how they planned the details with paint at first, and inside there are a few photos of the finished product.
1 Candid Camera in Moscow 1961

Candid Camera in Moscow 1961

Believe it or not in 1961 American Candid Camera show crew arrived to Moscow and filmed their show there! And here
we have this show revealing a daily life of Russian (Soviet) people in Moscow and around. Worth checking out!

6 The Bay Invaded by Jellyfish

The Bay Invaded by Jellyfish

Such a phenomenon can be seen each year in the bay of Balaklava under Sevastopol: all its water area gets filled with jellyfish. Boats, ships, expensive yachts stand in the white jelly mess squishing under the feet of people walking by. According to scientists this
phenomenon occurs due to wind currents and population inflow - jellyfish accumulates in the water area of the Balaklava bay like in a sack. Another side factor is high temperature of both the air (to +20C) and the water (to +14C) in this period.

1 Big Russian Producer of Armored Troop Carriers

Big Russian Producer of Armored Troop Carriers

"Arzamas engineering plant", JSC. is one of the leaders of the defence industry complex of Russia and the leading engineering
enterprise in Nizhny Novgorod. It is also the only enterprise that makes wheeled armored vehicles cooperating with 35 countries.

4 Breathtaking Photos of Kazakh Nature From the Height

Breathtaking Photos of Kazakh Nature From the Height

Now, when so many people feel tired of winter and cold, we come up with these beautiful and sunny pictures of the Semirechye (Seven Rivers) region of Kazakhstan. It has a wide spectrum of
climatic zones and impresses with its landscape diversity. Almost all the photos were taken by journalist and aviation lover Grigory Bedenko. He tried to choose the most unusual angles.

5 Legendary River Under Central Minsk

Legendary River Under Central Minsk

The legendary river Nemiga is hidden under central streets of Minsk, Belarus. The first description of the river is dated 1985, its first photos appeared in the Internet in 2001. But today the web is flooded with its images, as more and more people dare to come down under the ground for makingtheir own photo reports. Such tour is
not safe, especially when it may start raining. Some people have already died in manifolds of Kiev in rainy weather due to heavy flooding. The images of voolchitza are the most "honest", without abundant effects and filters. They reveal the true atmosphere of the Nemiga and the Soviet time manifold.

6 The Lonely Giant

The Lonely Giant

It's hard imagine that such a huge building has been fully abandoned for several years... .. We are in a Russian city of Taganrog and here's a main building of a former combine harvester
factory. We are going to join blogger kerrangjke and visit each storey of the building, go down to the shelter and climb to the roof to observe the city from its height.

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